Ah, yes. The comments are coming in about the faggot cop murdering the non-compliant ape.

As mentioned before, many people are suffering from nigger fatigue — sick and tired of typical nigger behavior — that it clouds their ability to think and reason. The reason for anti-nigger hate is TNB — people are sick and tired of typical nigger behavior — touchy prides, hair-trigger violence and the inability to observe and adhere to order. Essentially, they are themselves similar to cops, but notice I didn’t say, “inability to observe and respect authority”. There’s a crucial and very important difference that will be explained later (people conflate being assigned a role and function in society, for being an authority figure).

Out of this fatigue, many statements are being made that are not remotely rational, nor coherent. It is all merely, “TNB. Good riddance.” Take this one for instance:

The car had the wrong fucking license plate. That usually indicates car theft. We fucking hire cops to investigate this very thing. The cop had the authority…granted to him by the people…to: pull the car over, order the driver back into the car, stop the driver from fleeing. This isn’t a fucking fight you moron. There’s no equality here. The cop had lawful authority. Patrick was driving a car with the wrong license plate. Patrick’s job was to fucking do as he was told so that the cop could investigate. If it was an honest mistake, a prank, or just had nothing to do with him (i.e. friend’s car), helping the cop finish the investigation is the fastest way to get it over with and walk free. He wouldn’t obey a single fucking command nor answer a single fucking question. The cop had to ask him if he spoke English he was mumbling and acting so fucking retarded. He was either stalling because of a prior, or high as fuck and didn’t belong on the road.
Then he ran, fought, and tried to steal a taser to tase the cop and flee or possibly murder the cop.

Fuck him. The cop did nothing wrong.

Believe it, or not, but this statement is actually the most coherent of the lot. However, it is still seething with nigger fatigue.

Here is an individual who not only thinks that cops have a right to do certain things, but admits that people grant them this right. He, like most people are too stupid to comprehend consent and authority. This is where the language gets goofy and muddled.

Just because we assign certain members of society to perform a certain job, doesn’t mean that these people have authority over us. Again, certain public functionaries are given consent to carry out a particular role and fulfill a specific task, right? Does this mean that they are authority figures and have power over us? Of course not!

This is the problem with most people; it is a very human problem, where humans conflate role assignment with possessing authority over others. This can be seen with the cops, politicians and even airline personnel. Because they perform a specific role and task, they think themselves to be authorities and wilful, useful idiots acquiesce to this insanity. Then these same morons — useful idiots and power hungry morons — have the gaul to speak of duty. They literally justify their pathology by referring to it as a duty and retarded people eat it up, because it sounds nice.

The person who made that comment above is indeed right, though — people did give cops this power and authority over us. In addition, the laws that allow cops to behave and deal with us in this manner is also lawful, too. They enforce bad laws and depend on other bad laws to cover their asses while they “protect and serve”.

Once again, how is it okay that one group of people get to do things that if you and I were to do them, we would be imprisoned?

Forget about the fact that the ooga booga has a less than 70 Congo IQ and he didn’t want to get deported, hence him trying to escape the clutches of the over enthusiastic cop, does it make it okay for the police officer to take his life?

Many of you morons are attempting to justify the cop’s actions by suggesting “he could have”. Once again, legitimizing the penalizing of victimless crimes — crimes that haven’t even happened, yet — penalizing non-crimes.

“Well, the nigger could have taken the cop’s taser and used it on him.” “He could have reached for the cop’s gun and used it on him.”

Yeah, but he didn’t.

Like women, you morons want to play Minority Report, where people are put in prison for things they haven’t done, but could do. This is essentially the thinking of women and their Safety Cult, where they would have you jailed for having the potential to do something bad. This is absurd! We all have the potential to do bad things. Should we all should be on lockdown? I’m almost certain some of you out there would agree, yes.

All of this is presumptuous and ridiculous and the reason why the function of police officers is never curative, nor preventative. They only make things worse. Avoiding danger is and has always been a personal responsibility, yet, people in our society have ceded this personal responsibility to the state, like women do. As always, emergency and act utilitarian ethics is abused for “the greater good”.

Guess what!? I never agreed to these arbitrary, made up social contracts and pretty sure neither did any of you out there.

Below is more of my exchange.

“The man tried to grab the cop’s taser. The shot was defensive.”

The cop tried to tase him. Him grabbing the taser was a defensive act.

“YES. HE. DID. He had CAUSE and AUTHORITY to do so.”

Having a badge isn’t the same as having cause and authority. He only had authority to start an investigation and impound the car. Moreover, having a badge certainly doesn’t mean you get to kill someone.


I mean, after he closed the door, sure.

“STFU until you watch the full bodycam video. It did not “come out of no where”. It came after Patrick ran.”

False. The first altercation is at timestamp 1:32. Patrick runs at 1:38. Before then, they’re both standing still. Again, even if this was the case that he ran, the way he ran, as is being said, does that mean it is okay to shoot and kill him?

“No the fuck he is not. He is authorized BY THE PEOPLE to enforce the laws CREATED BY THE PEOPLE.”

So, in other words, the cop is “just doing his job” which is enforcing bad laws. He keeps making my points, every, single, time.

“So he thought running would be a good idea?”

It sure looks like it. He, most likely is an illegal immigrant from the Congo attempting to avoid being deported. Does this mean he deserved to die? How did he get here in the first place?

“He was not seized without cause you idiot. He tried walking away from the cop, then tried running away after the cop said no.”

You mean him taking two paces towards the hood of the car? Presumably to pick up the papers he had the passenger pick up? Even so, does this mean the cop is justified in killing him?

“Never even fucking happened you lying Jew.”

Explain the seizure at timestamp 1:32.

“Cop should have shot him right then.”

Here, this moron admits that he’s a murderous savage, just like the cop is.

“Sure thing rabbi.”

I’m not even Jewish. Typical cerebral insufficient. Anyone who disagrees with these idiots is literally a Jew.

“So according to you laws are made up and unenforceable. Got it. Kike world must be a nightmare by this standard.”

Again, I am not a Jew and yes, laws are made up. They are all made up. They are merely opinions backed by a gun. Opinions of retarded people, it seems, backed by a gun that is carried by retards who go along with the make believe nonsense. This pertain is still yet to address any of the facts and explain why it was okay for the cop to shoot him. He had a mismatched plate. The point was to find out if he did indeed steal the car (which is more than likely did), but instead, the officer killed him.

“When you run from the cops, the cops come after you. That’s their job. Don’t run. Don’t struggle. Simple as that.”

Yes, this is all very true. Running from the police is ill-advised. You do not run from the cops, nor haggle with them, unless you want to die. Nonetheless, the point that needs to be driven home is, how is it okay that one group of people get to do things that if you and I were to do them, we would be imprisoned? You can’t break your own rules, then expect anyone to see you as legitimate. Please see all the points made, earlier.

Furthermore, in this case, running from and resisting that faggot cop is both justified, even though, ill-advised; it is not the cop’s business if he runs. He is only there for the registration issue. Either Lyoya runs and the car gets impounded, or he stays and settles the registration issue. This is how it would work if society was anything remotely close to civilized.

I can go on and on with this, but no one can give any rational justification for what that cop did, other than TNB fatigue and all the other aforementioned contrived reasons. This is why I am a misanthrope. People are too stupid.