Has the number one brand in honesty — Specular Effect — failed you, yet?

Have I, at least once, led you astray?


Then pay attention, again!

Things are only going to get worse.

A stock market crash is very much imminent. It can happen any day now. However, in the mean time, pay attention to the Climate Change hoax related agendas such as the Net Zero Communist plan to collapse western economies.

Biden: “In the US military, every vehicle is going to be climate-friendly. Every vehicle. We’re spending billions of dollars to do it.”

You heard that correctly. I have been saying this to be the case since the turn of the new year where I wrote my predictions for 2022.

Expect major car manufacturers to release more and more electric vehicles and abandon development of gas and hybrid cars.

In addition, while you are busy trying to keep your wrecked life (not of your own doing) on course and the rising level of shit water from over spilling onto the bathroom floor, this has been going on.

Strange, huh? “Strange”, “random”, “spontaneous”, “unexplainable” events involving the destruction of food. Have you noticed your grocery bill this month looking a bit “strange”, too? As in, inflation. Food prices have certainly gone up, friends! But, you know, it’s because of Putin and the war in Ukraine, as your favorite TV station tells you.

Many of you were forewarned that False flag events would be very commonplace, this year. You were also warned about believing and thinking that things happen randomly.

The Communists are destroying the food supply as they did to the Kulaks. Now, today, it is a bit different, where the same destruction of food is done under the pretenses of a “spontaneous happening”.

Uh huh. Yeah. I hate to sound like a 1990s rapper, but if this doesn’t make you roll your eyes and say, “uh huh, yeah. Okay”, then you’re not tapped in. At. All.

Rio Fresh Inc. is a third-generation, family farming operation in South Texas. The company grows, packs, and ships a large variety of Texas commodities including Texas 1015 sweet onions, cabbage, kale, greens, and melons.

Oh, didn’t you know that Biden is paying farmers not to grow food?

Justine Trudy is doing the exact, same thing.

Both of these comrades, in the same breath, with a straight face, will tell you about incoming food shortages.

If that isn’t enough, these crazy fucks are calling chickens “illegal animals” that require a permit, “due to bird flu.”

Yeah, so, it’s not just animals like cows and chickens that pose a “severe threat to the environment and to climate change”, but even grains are being called “extreme emitters” of greenhouse gasses. These people are totally insane and the propaganda has already taken ahold. Zero Carbon = Zero Animals. They also means, you and I.

If at any moment all of this appears not to be a food shortage due to the abstract reasons given in the )ewish lamestream media, but rather deliberate, then you’re on the right path. It gets even nuttier. They want to keep track of how much food you and I consume.

“Food accounts for a third of man’s climate impact, but the figures available on this subject are very general. “And you can do a lot in eating habits,” says Schöne. Buying Dutch apples instead of Brazilian bananas immediately reduces your footprint significantly. “But that person needs to know how much CO2 emissions are associated with the product they’re buying.”

Rabobank now links their customers’ spending to carbon emissions. Rabobank customers can see how much CO2 they emit, based on their spending in the bank’s app.

Now, the FBI has been warning farmers that “hackers are launching cyberattacks on food supply” (even as people catch on to explosions at food processors).


More predictive programming, false flag, psyop bullshit. Even Klaus Schwab gave us the playbook, months ago.

Yet, people still believe in government and voting for politicians and all that bullshit, when it is they who hate us and want us culled and destroyed.

This just happened last week in Idaho to a potato processing plant!

Again, if you think all of this is random and not by design and that you’re government loves you, then…