The State (all governments) is an institution for theft, writ large. Taxation is a system of exploitation where politicians and bureaucrats steal money from their citizens to squander in the most disgraceful manner. Then, these same politicians and bureaucrats, fascinatingly, manage to keep a straight face when they talk about “tax evasion” (evading the government from stealing our money).

The entire commission of bureaucracy evade taxes. These politicians don’t pay their taxes, like citizens pay taxes. They have all sorts of special deals. High tax thresholds, pension schemes and loop holes. They are the biggest tax avoiders and they sit in congress and the senate pontificating!

Well, this is the same the world over, whether it be China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

All governments are bad and are institutions of theft!

Only retarded people believe the government is trustworthy and a source of stability.

The rise in gas prices are merely a tax on you and I, in order to support the bullshit psyop going on in the Ukraine. As I’ve mentioned before in a previous article (here), Ukraine is going to be Israel 2.0.

I’m once again, right, but I take no pleasure in this, because this spells doom for all of us goyim.

As it stands today, with regards to the Russia-Ukraine psyop war, we have two )ew-led governments fighting over resources, whilst the native Ukranians are falling victim to democide.

On one side, you have a )ewish usurper government, run by a faggot )ew, who is supported by Israel and has no qualms about using the Ukranian military to kill Ukranian citizens.

On the other, you have another quarter, or half-)ew, Vladimir Putin, who is totally backed by Russian oligarchal )ews, Chabad Lubavitch and Israel and is only interested in securing the resource-wealthy nation of Ukraine away from Western )ews and Shabbos goys like Biden, for himself.

You see, the Ukraine is the largest nation in the European corridor and possesses the largest and most supplies of wheat, barley, corn, uranium, iron ore , seed oils, rapeseed, detanium, mercury and many, many more mineral deposits, right in the Chernozem Belt.

It is a major exporter of uranium, manganese and iron ore to China, of which its deposits exceed that of the US and Canada; this is why Russia wants control of Ukraine. This trade route control in between Ukraine and China is what is known as the The Bear and Dragon Trade Partnership. In addition, Ukraine supplies the rest of Europe, too, with these precious minerals. It is almost impossible to convey how important this part of the world is to the rest of Europe and Eurasia.

The entire Communist hivemind is pushing for Net Zero, clean energy bullshit and they are totally convinced that it is definitely going to happen, so countries like Germany are foregoing certain industries such as nuclear energy.

With Germany relinquishing its dependency on these industries, Ukraine becomes more attractive as there are shares that are up for grabs. Ukraine also furthers its energy independence. Again, this is all Communist propaganda tactics to tank western economies. More importantly, Israel is going to literally have dominion and control of the resources and trade in the region.

Ukraine is literally a nuclear powerhouse.

Now, wouldn’t all of this be just perfect were Israel to make Ukraine part of its Greater Israel Project? Rather convenient, isn’t it?

This is what I have known and discussed from day one; that “president of Ukraine” is nothing, but a US/Israeli plant. He wasn’t voted in and doesn’t do “the will of the people”. According to )ewish superstition and mythology, thr Greater Isreal Project gives rise to the “antichrist” and Noahide laws. Israel will be the world’s super power.