Psaki on new Biden admin “disinformation” czar: “She is an expert… a person with extensive qualifications.”

Listen to this one cunt speak about the other cunt.

She’s a glorified Twitter mod.

Look at that chin. Imagine not labeling this “Big Brother”.

Remember: Censorship is Feminine and )ews are feminine and have adopted feminine tactics and ideologies into their way of life and existence.

I told you guys before, right here, that it was women who censored the internet and they are responsible for the cultural divide and social decline.

I told you guys that as long as women are in public life, life and the world around us will be a shell of its former self. Only destruction and disaster will ensue. No. You called me a misogynist and said I only hated women.

I told you women destroy everything and you heckled me, sent me mean text messages and emails.

She went to Bryn Mawr college. Bryn Mawr is way more of a glowie institute and kike Critical Theory haven than the Ivy league schools. This )ewish cuntess went from being a fitness instructor to becoming the “Minister of Truth”, in eight years. This is purely a cohen-cidence.

Her glow powers are off the charts!

I’m not surprised and neither should you be, because you should fully comprehend by now that women are agents of chaos and destruction. It is also worth pointing out that almost every person in Biden’s Communist administration is a )ew.

Below is a link to her YouTube channel. It is being archived as we speak.

Random bitch, or CIA spawn, she is now the head of our very own “Ministry of Truth”.

She sure visits Russia, a lot and lived in Ukraine for over a year.

Here’s her LinkedIn page. Another website.

This bitch is running a shell game. She doesn’t fool me.

Were any of you to do an extensive search on this cunt rat, you will notice that all the information that comes up is less than a month old. She was literally no one before this week. This is a complete glow operation.

She was some wannabe musician, wannabe yoga instructor, then somehow, she became had of the anti-Disinformation department. None of this shit adds up, but it doesn’t have to. It never does, anyway.

She clearly hates men and like I’ve pointed out as nauseum, this is the perennial battle of human existence — Men vs Women — where women always seek to displace and expel men after usurping their vitality.

Internet censorship is about silencing men. It is what women do whenever they are allowed to partake in things that are solely meant for and created by men. That thing ceases to be what it was intended to be. Women are anti freedom and do not comprehend it. None of them do!

Nina holds a BA in Political Science and Russian from Bryn Mawr College, and is currently pursuing her MA in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies at Georgetown University. Yes, a Dugin-tard.

This is exactly the kind of person the CIA falls all over itself to recruit. They “have her ear” as it were. She’s their puppet in DHS.

It seems like the Communist )ewish takeover is almost complete. The new “disinformation minister” will be Jonathan Greenblatt.

We should all be “deebly gonzerned” about this, because it has made its way to the DHS. This means that a severe clamp down on internet political discourse, internet activity and freedom of speech is incoming. Do not dismiss this!

Here’s the bigger perspective: the Biden Communist Administration has hired a grifting cunt (sorry for the redundancy). She possesses no discernible skills, because she’s a woman. Her resume is padded with weasel words and complete bullshit. Biden might be a bit dangerous to to the First Amendment, but this is a Psaki hire, for sure, much like the fag intern in a dress, Psaki recruited.

The whole White House Hollywood set is fullblown with )ews, women, pedos, fags, trannies and their mawks. Expect a lot of dire, doom filled pronouncements and ominous warnings.

All of this is noise and a scare tactic response to the Musk-Twitter operation, which is very much likely also colored smoke.

My diagnosis is that we are watching at least two and possibly three different cotillions fighting for control of who gets to portray The White House to America and U.S. authority to the world. This is one of group. Musk is part of another, even though they both share the same objectives. Which ever is successful in duping the populace and accomplishing the short term goals, would be option A and the other option B.

Neither group means you, me, America, or the world, any good and you should put trust in neither.

Another tranny, wrote its own resume, because it cannot afford an expert to do that for it and you and everyone will accept it.