The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Will Not Be Televised, but this one is!

Allow me to preface this article by saying what should be obvious to most, but isn’t:

Women are incapable of rational thought. They are dumb, solipsistic cretins that cannot process information. They are literally drones. They do what they see other women do, they watch what they see other women watch and they date who other women date. Yet, in a very weird, twisted way, they do all of this in attempts to be like men, while trying not to be like men, and at the same time, they try to destroy men.

Shannon J. Curry, a forensics specialist, finished giving her “expert opinion”, today (and all simps and manginas fell in love with her).

She pointed out what every dude already knows… Bitches are fucking crazy.

She essentially deconstructed Amber and 90% of modern women, entirely, yesterday, in a series of video depositions. Saying things men have been documenting about women for thousands of years. Her being a woman and saying this, in the gynotopia and to the gynotopia, means so much more than were a man to say it. This is essentially what most male YouTube and other content creators and mainstream media pundits do—bring in women to validate their opinions and perspectives. It is truly pathetic.

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Commentary stream with exhibits:
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Previously on DEPP v HEARD. This happened:

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So, why is this trial being televised and not the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Well, for a couple of reasons, actually, which we must get into. Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way, shall we?

The )ewish lamestream media is saying that the Maxwell trial is not being televised, because it is a federal trial. This means the government gets to conceal pertinent information from us. All the bad behavior and indiscretions of our “leaders” can easily be swept under the rug—secrets and reports of lewd acts and misconduct will not be revealed to us, because those who control the media and the government have deemed it not worthy of televizing. Those in government will see to it that they remain in power and are above the law in all things.

Another truly significant reason why the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial is being televised, is due to the fact that the gynotopia is unsustainable and is caving in on itself, and needs to regain the trust of men. This is due to the fact that everything I say about women is an inescapable fact of life—women are dumb and are nothing without men—they know this, despite the fact they always seek to expel men after using them.

The powers that be are truly concerned about men not participating in society and the eventuation of a collapse, so a cunt—Amber Heard—is having “justice” meted out to her.

Here is a great opportunity for the gynotopia to throw one of its own under the bus, simply to get the men who have noticed its sinister machinations, to believe there is hope in a system that is against them.

Do not be fooled by any of this!

“Swollen, wet, vaginas. We are good men. Men of integrity, but we came from our mothers’ swollen, wet, vaginas, with flaws. There comes a time when we—men—need to employ those flaws to defeat our enemy. We must become snakes.”

The enemy—The Feminine—is at work here and is trying to keep its head above water. The Feminine is devouring its own tail and needs to reinvigorate that which sustains it—Male Vitality. This is why shows and movies like, The Adam Project are being made. They are uber, ultra boyish, masculine, testosterone infused films, seething with male themes of heroism, competition and the male experience. They tap into the Male Mother need and the incessant need for a man to be unconditionally loved and respected, in order to justify his pursuits and him being a Human Doing and not a human being (men are never allowed to be).

To achieve this reinvigoration, more and more movies, shows, commercials and ads are going to be laying off the woke bullshit (Feminine values) and pushing themes and imageries that appeal to the male psyche and Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard is just the beginning of it.

This will be the first time in a very long time, if ever at all, justice will be in favor of a man. Yet, he isn’t just any man. He is a celebrity and a very highly desired and sought after one, too. Despite him being a wealthy, good-looking man most women swoon over, he too, has a problem with women, but this isn’t due to some flaw in his masculinity as many retarded, mangina, simping men will have you believe. No. This is because women are truly, dangerous, insane, fucked up, retarded creatures, yet the gynotopia is willing to depose her.

It is no coincidence that they are celebrities, too. This is spiteful, because it is human nature. Humans have always looked up to, venerated and paid unwanted obeisance to those who are a part of the upper echelon of society—those in the limelight, for whatever reason. It is what breeds aspirations and perseverance—the Hero archetypes. Television has captured this and this is why television, while being the poisonous, brainwashing trash that it is, is so effective in swaying and manipulating many. This is so, too, with social media—they are intended to brainwash and manipulate your thoughts and behaviors by giving you a false sense of belonging, being and hubris.

It is also no coincidence that Twitter and Netflix are taking such a hard hit at the same time that this trial is at the forefront. Twitter being bought out by Elon Musk who professes to be a proponent of free speech is purposed, like the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, to breathe life back into Masculinity and Masculine values. After all, freedom and free speech are indeed Masculine. The low-hanging fruit explanation many resort to is that there is an upcoming election and Elon Musk wants to steer the political conversation in the opposite direction. While this is certainly true, it is only skimming the surface. The real agenda is to resurrect that which sustains society—Men—those who have been in the dog house and denied input for a very long time. Elon Musk buying Twitter carries the same air of “justice”—hope—that the Johnny Depp trial carries. The same occurred with the Trump nomination and election, too. There was “hope” which could only be derived from Masculine input. Netflix will follow suit and will undergo drastic changes, too, to stay in rhythm with all that’s going on.

Because this shit has been going on for like 7 years now, many of you may not remember the way this played out for Depp initially. You may not see how this retarded trial is completely a product of Hollywood pampering Heard. You are either too young to remember the circumstances of it all, or too stupid to understand them. I don’t want to assume that you’re stupid, so I must assume that you’re probably pretty young, were you to not comprehend what’s taking place.

Most people “in the industry” have been releasing videos shitting on Heard and calling for her to be excommunicated. To illustrate the magnitude of all of this, Roman Polanski drugged and sodomizes a kid and married his daughter, yet nobody did shit. In fact a ton of people signed a petition in favor of pardoning him (including Johnny Depp).

Yet, what Heard has done is so heinous, she’s being plastered all over social media as “the Devil herself”. This isn’t to take away from the fact that what she did do to Johnny is indeed horrendous, but to illustrate just how desperate the gynotopia is to revitalize masculinity.

None of this means that the pushing of feminine values will end. It may wane a bit, but will still linger as part of the narrative, “too”. The false Ying and Yang sentiments, must be maintained, but, as we know, there is no such duality that brings equilibrium and only masculinity can bring order to society, because it is order.

In the end, she’s not going to sleep with you bro. No matter how hard you white knight for her. Women are agents of chaos and their only useful function, outside of sex and incubating, is manipulating men into siding with )ewish propaganda and cultural shifts.

Nothing more.

Marilyn Manson on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard