Tucker Carlson discussed the new DHS Ministry of Truth and its top executive Nina Jankowicz on Thursday night. He linked it to Elon Musk buying Twitter (and used a great analogy about how this was like a home invasion).

The monologue was long, but he did a great job summarizing the surreality of the situation. It’s hard to imagine that the chief of Homeland Security got up and stated that he’s monitoring everyone’s speech and is introducing a new law enforcement agency to target thought crimes.

It’s really not clear what this even means. Are they going to arrest people based on their thoughts, or are they going to arrest them for crimes that they haven’t committed yet which they have reason to believe they are going to commit after having monitored their speech?

I think it is all of the above. This is essentially the mind of every woman! They do not comprehend freedom. They cannot, because they value “safety”—their safety above everything else.

This is much less straightforward than Stalin’s Stalinism. Whatever you think of Stalin, he was at least frank. He put things in terms of hunting down traitors to the people/nation, and claimed that he had the ability to decide who was engaged in that activity through his intelligence agencies. Of course, if you pointed out that he was just targeting his own personal enemies, he would say that this person represents the nation. You could argue with that, but you can’t argue that it was a lot more true for Stalin than it is for our leaders. Stalin at least had investment in Russia and the continued existence of the Russian people, or at least it appeared to be the case. That can’t be said about current American leadership. America is ruled by )ews and other pirates.

The DHS leader is not a “Cuban” – he’s an Eastern European )ew. (Imagine, none of his grandparents were born in Cuba and his family had to flee when he was an infant. I wonder why. But he’s a “Cuban.”)

(It’s a pretty common theme when reading the stories of )ews that many of them have to flee two or more countries during their lifetimes. )ews as a group are of course in a constant state of fleeing places.)

In stark opposition to the USSR definition of a thought criminal – a traitor plotting against the nation – what the )ew DHS chief is saying makes it sound like he believes if people have free access to information, they can become victims of “disinformation,” causing them to lose control of their behavior and commit acts of violence. This is a very strained narrative.

Acts of violence are already illegal and people can already be arrested if there is concrete evidence that they plan to commit an act of violence. The government already has total spy powers. So, what are we actually even talking about here? What is the purpose of creating a new LEO to combat speech unless they intend to come out openly against speech in some legal way? This horrible millennial SJW woman leading the organization has a Polish name and worked for the Ukraine. She is saying this is about Russia somehow.


It makes sense to me that escalation of the war against Russia would seem a lot more appealing if you knew you could use that as an excuse to silence all dissent at home.

“This is the point where we’re just going to have to draw the line,” Tucker said. “No, Joe Biden, you can’t have a federally-funded Ministry of Truth. No, Nina Jankowitz can’t run it. It’s not your country, you’re not even compos mentis, and you don’t get to do this to a free people. Period. This can’t happen.”

I agree you can’t tolerate it, but I’m not sure what anyone is supposed to do about it. Pretty much, everyone knew this was going to happen, and if they were going to do anything about anything, they should have done it when Donald Trump was being forced out of office through fraud. Or, when the coronavirus hoax started. Or, after 911. Or, during the homosexual revolution of the 1990s. Or, during the )ewish social revolutions of the 1960s. Or, when they told us to go fight Germany. Or, when they told us to go fight Germany the time before that. Or, when women were given the right to vote. Or, when Lincoln told us to go fight the South. Pretty much, any point before right now would have been a good point to say “no.” It’s probably too late for that now.

The time now is to head for the hills and pray the cities all get nuked, or that Elon Musk leads some kind of coup with a secret robot army.