Elon Musk buys Twitter and Biden creates the “Biden Ministry of Truth”.

We are living in a fucking Communist dystopian takeover. People have to wake up before it’s too late, but that will never happen.


This is insanity. Communist insanity. They have a free pass to censor anyone who disagrees with any narrative they push, by simply saying, “That’s “DISINFORMATION”. Wake up guys, if you already haven’t. This is extremely important.

This is the final nail in the coffin and the worst part is, most people won’t believe it, because they are brainwashed. All of it is already at play—the censorship, the lies, the shaming and ruination tactics. They are literally breeding retards, so they’re still be no one to shine a light on the truth. When you eliminate the “opposition” all you are left with is a perpetual stream of zombies who only believe what they see and what they’re told on the TV and internet. Not REALITY.

I knew after Musk bought Twitter they would pull this shit. I choose, like always, to “wait and see”, observe, then comment.

The observations made:

The Hunter Biden laptop story was labeled “disinfo”. The Wuhan Lab theory was labeled “disinfo”. Natural Immunity was labeled disinfo. The realities of the war in Ukraine is being labeled “disinfo”. Saying there are only two sexes is labeled “misinfo”. Saying they shouldn’t teach sexual orientation to kids is called “misinfo”.

They will continue to get away way with this. It will continue to happen. The Trump-Russia hoax started the government’s recent clamp down on information, but do not be fooled into thinking that this is a recent activity governments engage in. Actually, who knows how long this shit has been going on for, but for certain, it always gets worse!

Take a shot every time you hear the government or news/social media says “DISINFORMATION”. I promise you that you’ll start to notice that they are all reading from a script.

“Hey, we’ll just say anything we don’t want our zombies to believe, is “disinformation”, then we have permission to ban and censor it!”

Fucking hell. This isn’t just happening in America, though. This is practically the whole world now. Freedom is dead, and they are manipulating the masses through internet brainwashing tactics. It should become obvious now, that social media was and is a tool designed to control and brainwash the masses and it has been beyond successful.

For me, when the Government tells me something is false, or disinformation, I believe the opposite.

Sincerely, nothing much is different today than it was a few decades ago, with regards to the control of information, but, social media is truly a revolutionary tool that has changed the game. There is a much tougher grip on the control and dissemination of information, whereby information can be controlled, disseminated, monitored and manufactured in real-time and target audiences wilfully engage.

What is yet to come, and it will come, is when they completely censor communication between people and a total lock down of the internet on a level that would create hysteria here in the West. It works in China and these Communists that run the current government are following China’s model.

Nevertheless, information has already been locked down, though, for the past 6 years and more. Through this new guise of fighting “dangerous misinfo”—anything they don’t want you to know and talk about with others—they will further their Communist control. They do not want anyone other than themselves to have influence over the people. They’re not going to ban the internet just yet. They must control and censor it first and continue to create the population’s reality through brainwashing.

In light of all of this, we should all in fact, be more worried about how the government is intentionally destroying the North American markets, which could very well lead to a collapse that parallels, if not dwarf, the Great Depression of the 1920’s-30’s. The fact that several food plants across the U.S. have “mysteriously” caught afire and burned down, should give us pause and make us ponder whether, or not, they are intentionally trying to create famine and economic hardship. Controlling information—”disinformation”—on social media platforms, in this light, would be necessary, wouldn’t it?

I do not intentionally desire to be a demoralist. I simply understand how stupid people are and cannot help, but be honest about this fact. The people will never rise up and if they do, they won’t really rise up. Their efforts will be fagged and co-opted by the alphabet intelligence agencies, as they always are.

The media will tell them it’s a good thing— “something, something Russian propaganda” and they’ll believe it.

The )ewish Cunt In Charge

Meet Nina Jankowicz, the cunt heading the Biden administration’s newly created “anti-“disinformation” unit, under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

She has been met with push back, from Ron DeSantis.

Florida will take action against the Biden administration’s new “Ministry of Truth”, says Gov. DeSantis.

Do not be fooled by him, either. He is up for re-election and will sing for his supper. It is the age old good-cop, bad-cop routine at play. Using government to fix problems government created. Were you to say anything about )ews, DeSantis still censor you, too!