It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Nevertheless, we must never forget how retarded women are. Here, I’ll remind you.

Yes, I know. You male feminists want to make the NAWALT (not all women are like that) argument, because you think like women and want to point out the exceptions. As in, every woman is always the exception.

What you guys do not know, nor comprehend, because you have not been around many women, is that it doesn’t have to be this particular matter, issue or topic, but the same sustained level of retardation will manifest itself in other matters, topics and issues the so-called “exception” is passionate about.

To illustrate, women are casting spells on TikTok to keep men interested in them.

You can argue another retarded “exception” argument of this being “modern women” and you’ll still be dead wrong. For all of human existence, men have observed and documented the retardation of women. You will literally have to go up against all of human history to negate this fact of our existence.

Here’s the truth, guys. Whatever technological advancements and scientific achievements men gain, it becomes an extension of female vanity. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be as simple as labor-saving devices, cell phones, journalism, podcasts, social institutions, or the internet. Especially the internet! They all become extensions of female vanity and women will always use them to put themselves on display.

Women are all about sex, while pretending they aren’t. That’s it. It is who they are sex is all they have and nothing more. They are not complicated. They are annoying and stupid.

Here’s another reminder: Get off of social media. It’s for retards—women. At this point, if you’re a man and on social media—Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and so on—you are an effeminate, emasculated, feminized, retarded man-baby. Stop posting on the internet. Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Everything is recorded.

Just a reminder.