You should have all began stocking up on food, for the past two consecutive years.

Yes readers. Yet another fire at a food facility — this time at Perdue Farms facility. This sounds like a case for:

It’s time for ALL food processing facilities to hire 24 hour security and weed out the DS/FBI/CIA operatives. After all, fires don’t set themselves. Tell that to women. *wink wink*

Stock up on chicken!

At the rate they’re going with this new food shortage hoax, they’re going to piss niggers off, if dey don’t can’t get dey chiggumz.

Me being the rational person that I am, at first, took this to be another “phenomena” similar to the covid hoax, where people are only now highlighting a commonplace occurrence and the more it is highlighted, the more there seems to be a sinister agenda afoot. Then I started noticing similar cases all over the world! Take the Republic of Ireland for instance.

The above picture is a bit blurry, but readable. 22 food plants destroyed in one year! Mao starved 42 million people. Lest we forget.

Most farms are owned by the government and big corporations—same shit (Corporations—corpus—body—the state). I wouldn’t put it past them to do this kind of shit. They could easily stage a fire and collect insurance and government bailouts.

To get to the bottom of all this, I would suggest a citizen led initiative where we guard the food storages and manufacturing plants. It should be simple, but women will get involved and it’ll turn to shit, quickly.

This would be a great way to monitor foul play, but no. Many of us rather sit on our asses and watch shit happen… and get women involved to howl “woo hoo!”

Only when people’s immediate comforts are threatened will they do something about anything. Other than that, they’re usually quite accommodating to tyranny. People do not seem to understand how much power they’ve lost already, due to giving in to the covid hoax and they’re still retreating and capitulating. Their battle cry is, “dont vote! Get out of the city and hide!”

It fascinates me! These people are the types who are pro 2A, too. When do we get to use the guns?

“My biggest concern is that we end up with a very severe shortage of food in certain areas of the world.” 

Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah provided Bloomberg Television’s, David Westin with a timeline of when the “massive, immediate food crisis begins.” He said, “in the next six months.”

Are we going to wait for democide, because that’s exactly what this is!