The state should not be involved in this and this is what happens when women are allowed free roam in society. They want to have the right to kill their kids without consequences and defer to the state in all matters as the arbiter of right and wrong and truth and reality. They will demand the state crush those who do not agree with them and their vile values. For example, they relied on the state to force others to wear a mask and get vaccinated, all the while conveniently foregoing “My Body. My Choice.” How nice, cunts.

Yet, again, this is the nature of women—dumb, petulant, dichotomous retards. This is what happens when you allow women free roam in society.

Be careful what you allow the government to weaponize against your enemies, because the same thing will be done to you. Women do not comprehend these simple first principles, because they are retards and do not belong in public life and wider society. They use the retards in government (power hungry, retarded mangina men and women) to deny others the right to bodily autonomy, so, the same government now has precedence to deny them bodily autonomy. Again, “My Body. My Choice” was thrown out the window when it came to the covid hoax.

Notwithstanding the legitimate arguments that libtarded cunt bags leverage against dissenters (more on this in another article), but this all boils down to the poor little whores no longer being able to make irresponsible decisions and act irresponsibly without consequences.

Still, I can’t help but think this to be a rather dismal period in our modern history to make such a decision. This solves absolutely nothing, but rather creates more conflict and division. Moreover, it forces baby-killers (women and doctors) to operate in the shadows as they once did in recent history. It is no different to how black markets are created. The state (retards who believe they are above everyone else), being the meddlesome, interloping interventionist that it is, outlaws specific goods and services and those who want those goods and services seek them out by other means and there will always be a market for and persons willing to provide those goods and services. So, in my opinion, this is bodes very badly for the upcoming years and I know many of you think this is the first step in the right direction in putting women back in their places. You will be absolutely wrong and sorely mistaken about that.

In my opinion, allowing everything to crash and burn would have been a better course of action (inaction) and by that I mean, allowing the gynotopia to collapse and cave in on itself. However, as I’ve explained recently in this article, the gynotopia cannot sustain itself and needs male bodies and male vitality to sustain it. Dwindling birth rates from legal abortions isn’t exactly helping this cause. An artificial, yet unintended birthrate gap will surely bring about an ugly collapse of the gynotopia and this decision to put an end to killing babies tells me that the gynotopia isn’t ready to automate.

Still, why the fuck is the government involved? Oh, that’s right. Women rely on the government for everything, because the state holds a monopoly on violence and women wilfully want the state and state actors to silence their critics and those who disagree with them—proxy violence.

Yes, women have no problems using force and violence to get what they want, but if that same force and violence is used against them, they chimp out! This is why they can’t and will never be able to comprehend freedom and justice, because they utterly stupid and dichotomous. The shoe is on the other foot and they are everything, but happy campers.

The drama is already escalating. This is exactly what those in power want.

The reality here is, there are legitimate arguments on both sides of the table, of which I will be discussing in a “The Truth About Abortion” article, but the most important thing to take away from all of this is, if the government is able to overturn Roe v. Wade, it is likely to take away your gun rights, too. This is what everyone who is emotionally stirred up over this smoke screen issue, isn’t paying attention to.