“Driver show me your hands!”

He’s dead, you fucking retard.

I think we all know who leans their seats this far back. It has also been reported that a stolen gun was found in the car. If you believe the police narrative, this still doesn’t justify the murder.

It is easy to conclude nothing of value was lost, due to the victim being a nigger and supposedly the car is stolen; a stolen gun, an officer ordered them to get out of the vehicle after having given them only 2 seconds to respond; the pig tried opening the door, then broke the glass, “suspect grabbed the gun and hit the gas”[???]. The officers opened fire as the ooga boogas were attempting to flee! This is not self defense, nor preventative, nor curative. It was punitive! It was MURDER!

Here’s another link to the video:

It appears that the nog was asleep and upon awaking, it attempted to keep its car door closed to avoid physical contact with the piece of shit pig. It pulling off in the hasty manner it did, is additional evidence that it posed no immediate threat to the pigs. I have replayed this video several times and so far, I do not see a weapon, or that it reached for one. It was murdered, because it refused to follow the orders of the intrusive pig AFTER it sought escape.

These ZOGbots will shoot you for not putting a mask on and fleeing from being detained.

If you still think this is about race and racial discrimination against blacks, or that this occurred, because it was criminig, then ask yourself: how many unarmed White people were killed by the cops this year? The answer: too many.

To be fair, the question of how many unarmed White people were killed by niggers should also be asked and the answer would be, too many. Yet, were cops not around, Whites could take care of the murderers and defend themselves, but there is a law stating that you cannot. Only cops are allowed to use deadly force.

Conclusion: both are my enemies!

Why the fuck did the pig put his gun to the window when he saw the guy turn on his engine? Simply put, American pigs are trained by )ewish Israeli psychopaths to shoot wildly at cars that drive away in resistance to their authority.

Thousands of American law enforcement officers frequently travel for training to one of the few countries where policing and militarism are even more deeply intertwined than they are here: Israel.

Here’s something to consider:

No. The only option was to kill.

White cops are responsible for all the anti white hatred!

In the mean time, the outrage mill runs dry. Enough people know the reality of these situations; the era of exploiting criminigs to push Socialism has come to an end, it seems.

They found a gun that was reported lost, but it doesnt seem to be the reason they were called. Maybe the article is worded poorly.

The “official story” is the kid had a gun and tried to fire before the officer fired back. I didn’t see that.

The cop didn’t know that the gun was stolen and must likely didn’t even know it was in the car. He also didn’t know for certain that the car was stolen, but may have had probable cause to believe it might be.

They were niggers sleeping in a car and the cop rolls up and breaks the window. Then he continues to shoot at the car as the nigger tries to flee.

When the car was already leaving, what threat was the gun to the officer that could justify shooting at the car, based upon what the officer knew at the time?

Im pretty sure you morons are going to reply with speculation.

Many are arguing that picking up the criminig at a more convenient time, is stupid; that by this logic, it would be allowing a criminal to escape. Then the slippery slope arguments are shoved in, that during that time window, he could rape, kill, assault, or do god knows what before the police sight him again.

Not only does this prove the point that police officers are useless, because they are neither curative, nor preventative, but this goes back to what I mentioned here in this article:

Like women, you morons want to play Minority Report, where people are put in prison for things they haven’t done, but could do. This is essentially the thinking of women and their Safety Cult, where they would have you jailed for having the potential to do something bad. This is absurd! We all have the potential to do bad things. Should we all should be on lockdown? I’m almost certain some of you out there would agree, yes.

According to the retards making this argument, people should be killed or apprehended for having the potential to commit a heinous act. Were the goal to minimize deaths by police, then this position is certainly a retarded one. If the goal is to kill people and stop criminal acts before they happen, then yes, this ridiculous position is not only apt, but unjust.

A plethora of possibilities can play out, yet no positive ones are accounted for. Only negatives. This is why the argument is a slippery slope argument and therefore a logical fallacy that only the dullest of minds can conjure up.

The reality is, badge niggers are worse than actual niggers. In this instance, I wouldn’t be as mad had they just walked up and said, “you’re under arrest for being a nigger and the punishment is death”, but the problem isn’t that they aren’t going into nigger-killing mode. No, the problem is they are actually just impartial and believe this is how police stops ought to be handled, regardless of race. All of this nigger-tier behavior is something police frequently do against Whites (more frequently, actually, according to statistics).

Normalizing the murder of criminigs for what they can potentially do and what they are capable of isn’t the same as doing so, because they actually did something. It is worse, because it is essentially criminalizing them, which is unjust and runs the risk of lumping those who aren’t like that, in with those who are. This isn’t a NAXALT argument, but a, “It is better for ten guilty persons go free than one innocent person go to prison” argument, which speaks to JUSTICE, which isn’t an outcome, but a process.