I knew it! They were building a nice list of the obedient citizens and the non-compliant “extreme domestic terrorists”. Only in a gynotopia is any of this ever possible. “My Body. My Choice” was totally disregarded and abandoned, for the sake of “emergency ethics” and like I explained countless times in the ‘rona Chronicles series, that cunts were responsible for all the abuse.

Do you have any more doubts on whether or not this whole thing was staged and provoked to control you? The Center for Deceit and Corruption will employ emergency ethics—utilitarianism—”for the greater good of all”—feminine values—to sway and manipulate you every, single, time! In the name of science, as with in the name of divine pursuit, one can do anything!

What continues to amaze me is that the rational “conspiracy theorists” have been bang on with every single prediction regarding the covid hoax. Yet, there’s a lot more to come. They are coming after those who did not comply. Guaranteed!

Just make sure the Covid tracker on your phone is turned off, or, at best, you can delete the entire tracking system from your android device. I personally use ADB App Control. You would have accepted the covid tracker inadvertently via an update or when you bought a new phone without, realizing it.

Yet, you can’t help be amazed at how people are surprised that the portable “microchip”/monitoring device (cellphones) they habitually carry around was used to monitor them?

They are going to push twice as hard this summer, right before the next election. Strap yourself in…it’s gonna get bumpy.