They are now going to carve the organs out of a real woman to shove it into a man. Note, the man wont actually be able to give birth, because the birth canal cannot be simulated and because of the male bone structure. All they can do is shuffle organs around—make a spot for it—and connect a blood supply. All so the baby can stew inside a man for a few months until a risky “c-section” is done to fish the child out of the male. Why? Because it’s “HER” right, bigot!

You think it a joke when we say, “our minds have been )ew’d”?

Ignore the gynocentric White cope nonsense at the end.

)ew-made horrors beyond our comprehension. They may just end up with a dead tranny. Give it a decade and trannies will actually be able to give birth. Then, they’ll change their bone structure, then their vocal chords, then makeup and chemistry.

We’re gonna get to the point where it’s impossible to tell a real woman from a tranny.

All this effort to turn looney toon nutcases into women, but there is zero effort to cure serious illnesses or to create medications that are effective.

You go to the doctor and in most cases, he sends you back home with nothing to work with. Most of the times you have to see at least 5 doctors to get a real diagnosis. If surgery didn’t exist, the entire field would be as useful as fortune telling and even that is a risk with the amount of dangerous surgeons around. You’re basically walking on a minefield, no matter what.

Remember who is responsible for this filth.