Well, lookee here!

Say it ain’t so, Jack!

US regulators are strictly limiting who can receive Johnson & Johnson’s COVID vaccine over “rare, but serious” blood clots risk.

I had people call me a conspiracy theorist when I told them, about a year and a few months ago, that the vaxx is a “clot-shot”. Literally!

The FDA claimed in a statement, that the change is being made, because of the risk of a “rare and dangerous clotting condition” called, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), after receiving the vaccine.

When you read that headline, please remember that people were fired from jobs, because they were afraid that this headline would one day be written.


Nobody is going to say a word. Nobody is going to do anything.

Oh, boy! For those of you who know people who took the science juice: nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

All my Pure Bloods stand up. This is your moment of vindication, albeit a painful one; full of sorrow.

What’s it like, vaxfags, to have jello floating around in your veins.

While you are all sitting there with blood-clots, waiting to for that “any moment now” scenario to hit, I’ll be sitting here, at my desk, LAUGHING, because I didn’t take the )ew jab.

Check. Mate.