No one told the first Americans to bring them here, in the first place. No one told John Wilkes Booth to shoot the man who was going to send them back.

This is a consequence of those two.

This is going to be splendid. Instead of having to “circle back” to things, we just won’t understand the niggerbabble to begin with.


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if she refuses to take questions from white men?

I wonder who was the first reporter to “ax” her a question?

It’s so bizarre, to me, to select people on their identities instead of qualifications. It’s not that she’s good because she’s a Yale or Harvard or whatever valedictorian. It’s, “OMG”! She’s a black dyke; isn’t that based?!?! Fuck, I hate whatever the west has become.

A sassy negress dyke who “don’t need no man”.

Go to Google translate and type in: dooga nooga tooga mooga. I dare you!

Now, type in: dooga nooga tooga moog fooga.