Women are truly detestable creatures, once one has removed the rose tinted glasses and come to understand who and what they really are in nature.

Women are naturally whores. This means they are by nature promiscuous. Why nature made them this way, is quite simple, but I’m not going to get into that right now. What I want to discuss is the fact that masculinity curbed women’s natural propensity towards promiscuity and the Abortion issue is merely female biology—The Feminine—the Matriarchy—pushing back against the order and civility that the Masculine—Patriarchy—has wrought. To label women as “whores” in the colloquial sense, is to describe female sexual behavior that is not in accordance with the values of the Patriarchy. Values that demand a woman not be promiscuous, but chaste; values that controls and curtails the whoring destructive nature of women.

These are the same values that necessitate the advancement of civilizations. They create “family”, which properly refers to the male-headed patriarchal unit. This is yet, another developed and evolved characteristic that has separated us from the lower mammals. Were we to look at the sexual behaviors of divers animals of the animal kingdom, for instance, dogs, cats, mice, sheep, horses, donkeys and our closest relatives, apes, we will notice that the participation of the male is primarily and solely in the sexual capacity and is transient. This is to say that he inseminates the female (usually by force) then goes about his life, indifferent to the female who is left to birth and care for the offspring in the absence of her donor. This cycle is repeated with several different donors (usually the top viable males) resulting in many litters. This may come as a huge surprise to most, but this is essentially how humans lived and evolved for thousands of years, until the patriarchy was formed. Its formation saw the husband as the head of the family; the other members of the group, wife and children, are his dependents and subordinates. In the animal kingdom, among the lower animals, this constitution is no where to be found.

The Patriarchy and its brainchild, the “family”, as described above, rose due to one single factor: survival of the species, which is contingent on women seeking out protection for herself and offspring by multiple men, and men willing to provide it in exchange for sex.

[What follows is the nature of Matriarchy]

There was one major problem, though—paternal uncertainty or Father-Offspring Conflict. Women, the lying, deceitful, whoring cunts that they are, were engaging in sexual crypsis, just as much as they do, today. They would whore around with the top 2% of men (Chads, in modern day parlance) — the bad boys — and conceal their fertility from simps in order to procure protection and resources from the simps and manginas. The woman does this, because it guarantees the best of both worlds for both she and her offspring. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, women are filthy whores and as is the case, their vaginas are an inflated currency and they do not bring much to the table, if anything at all. Other than their vaginas, they offer nothing much of value and substance. Yet, everything for them is their sexual value.

This, as you can imagine, resulted in much bloodshed among the men, where those on the lower tier would often challenge the Chads for dominion, which, were they to win, would grant them access to more women. The simps would then create firewalls and develop a Pharoahic syndrome (a mental disorder typified by inferior men (usually violent, unattractive, short manlets) that lead them to kill off or depose males and their progeny who pose a potential threat to their dominance) to prevent them from having to compete. After all, men hate competition, but love competing, especially when the likelihood of them winning is great.

It didn’t take long for men to catch on, though, and the Chads—masculine men—saw how the explorative nature of all men and the expenditure of their male vitality was being usurped and wasted by these nasty, parasitic, bottom-feeding cunts, that they refused to intervene when the violence that ensues from paternal uncertainty arose. The cunts and their bastard whoresons were massacred. Simultaneously, the Chads would devise ways to channel the violent, brutish nature of simps into invading other clans and territories, where the access to more women was bountiful. Population drift was not only necessitated by the need for resources such as food, but sex, too!

And so the cycle would repeat, resulting in rapes by simps, senseless murders and tribal warfare, by simps; dwindling numbers and more and more simps by promiscuous, whoring women. Matriarchy is characterized by a stagnation of sociocultural evolutionary progress, primitivism and wanton bloodshed, as a result of human existence revolving around women and the pursuit of vagina.

[This concludes the nature of Matriarchy]

Today, we live in a Matriarchy that is marked by these characteristics. It is the pattern of the ghettos, where illegitimacy now exceeds 50 percent and where men and boys grow increasingly aimlessand violent and women live in poverty. It is the pattern of increasing numbers of households in larger society, too. The Washington-based National Center for Policy Alternatives has reported that 40 percent of girls in school today will be heads of households. “Ten percent of the nation’s families are headed only by a woman,” and “40 percent of the families classified as poor have female heads.” Of course, they are implying that society should do more to help these irresponsible parasitic cunts and their fucked up kids.

As is always the case with human existence, men had to solve this existential crisis, as they have to, today; the very survival of the human species was at stake and pivoted on curbing the sexual promiscuity of women. Today, the situation is the same. I regret to have to break it to you retarded, Christcucked, White Nationalists, but it was Judaism and the Mesopotamian influences that brought monogamy and marriage to Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Furthermore, when this syncretism occurred, only few people of nobility got married. These people were usually land owners and held prominent status in their respective state societies. Mesopotamian and Hebrew societies, had strict regulation of women’s sexuality and institutionalized what women deem to be a “sexual double standard” in the law codes. Only women who abode by the agreement of the patriarchy were not labeled, or deemed whores—promiscuous—and their adherence attracted men to participate meaningfully in reproduction. For her chastity, loyalty and non-whoring, she would be justly rewarded with the protection of one man. This kind of woman was to be seen as virtuous and indeed she was, because she accepted the constitution of monogamy and her obligation under it to bear only legitimate children.

Men did that! Men solved the problem of Paternal Uncertainty. Oh shit! )ewish men.


I have explained to you retards, many times, that )ews are not the problem, but women are the problem, have always been, the battle between men and women predate )ews and is as old as human primate evolution and )ews have merely embrace and adopted the The Feminine into their way of life after having observed and studied it for thousands of years. They weaponize it against us. Meet Judith.

Today, we have devolved and regressed into a Matriarchy that begets, violence, chaos, insanity, stupidity, inefficiency, mindlessness, primitivism and decadence; it rewards mediocrity unearned privileges and entitlements and proposes that women ought be free to be promiscuous. The social disruption that develops must be tolerated by men and men are compelled by the state to provide for non-families. Again, men are held responsible for female irresponsibility even though female irresponsibility prevents them from having families.

Human nature, especially female nature, has not changed in thousands of years. Ancient Mesopotamia, just like in the United States, today, women were more concerned with maintaining their sexual autonomy, men more concerned with maintaining the integrity of families, and regulating female chastity which the family depends on. What Hammurabi’s legislation shows is what modern day lawmakers and government morons are aware of, but do not care about, and that is, the adherence of women to the patriarchal sexual constitution is a Masculine construct that must be supported by Men. Men, not women, are the ultimate guardians of morality and while men may delegate the responsibility to women (as in the Victorian age), when women subvert the moral order, men must reassert their responsibility to restore it.

Instead, we have the state monetarily supporting the dissolution of the family by bestowing handouts to women who have either broken the contract or refuse to adhere to it in the first place. The state virtually sanctions and incentivizes, not marriage and family, but the destruction of them, because the destruction of it means the destruction of the patriarchy. This will allow for the re-emergence of the Feminine—a Matriarchy—that restores the natural, primitive proclivities of whorishness that is inveterate to female existence. Sub-Saharan Africa! Essentially, women want the right to be promiscuous with impunity and without judgements and consequences.

This, coupled with the fact that women want the right to kill and be irresponsible without consequences, is the crux of the Abortion hysteria. Lilith is afraid of being subdued and I predict that the state ( simps and faggot manginas) will bail her out, once again as they always have, because they come from whores.

If Abortion isn’t murder, then why is it a double homicide when a pregnant woman is murdered?

Don’t bother answering that. Women are just stupid whores. To you men out there, especially White men, who are preoccupied with saving the White race, by finding wholesome white female to marry and pump out 3, maybe 4 white children; you are wasting your time! You are about to bungee jump with a rope around your neck. You are playing Russian roulette with a shotgun. You are embarking on a hopeless journey and this is not me black-pilling you. This is me, being a man who has assessed and studied the human male-female sexual dynamics for decades and providing you with the raw data. Even if you were to find this unicorn who abides by the patriarchal sexual constitution, there are no guarantees that she will do this for your lifespan, because she knows she has the support and protection of the state and she does not have to spread her legs to get it, either. There is no reason for her to do so and if you think that you possess the power and knowledge that transcends the cosmos to appeal to her sense of decency and morality… have you not read a fucking thing I’ve said, here? Compare your sense of morality to that of any woman and you will become terrified!

Were you of the mind to marry outside of your race to avoid this inevitability, you would be on a different train, but same tracks, headed in the same direction. You are better off safeguarding and procuring for your own betterment and sustainence.