Roe lied. Like most women, she made a false rape accusation. Naturally )ews were behind and pushed the lie.

Can you now understand how fucking stupid women really are?

Now, she’s claiming to be a victim.

Roe was never raped, a lot of people got rich off of abortions (murder). )ews—Big Pharma, Food industry, the Medical field and so on. Think about all of this, follow the money trail and learn about why they rely on human fetuses. Stem cell research. The artificial womb.

These technologies will render men and women obsolete and will give rise to the Androgyne. This is my prediction. It is so, because it aligns with )ewish “prophecy”, which is an elaborate myth that these psychopaths are making come true.

It is my opinion, that the )ewish messiah “who is to come” will be a faggot. A transsexual, homosexual male and his advent can only occur in a matriarchy.

Mind you, none of these “prophecies” are rooted in truth, or reality, but they will make it so.

Gentiles being able to abort their babies is very important to Molo…ummm…I mean these people. They use the power of the government to perpetuate lies and deceit and get them codified. Christians, too, use the government to do the same. In addition the Christian clergy itself is a form of government and as we here understand there to be no good governments. As we can see, they only create conflict and stir up violence. The violence has gotten so extreme and distasteful to the average person that even Jen Psaki, who had previously endorsed pro-abortion violence, had to come out and say violence is actually bad.

Violence over a lie!

This is what )ews do to Gentiles. This is what women do to men—stir up conflict. It is more become a clear and open Feminine and )ewish agenda. )ews and their useful idiots, women, are attacking Christians, because they are Christians and pose a stumbling block in the way of baby-killers and )ewish mysticism. This is about homosexuality, but it’s also about their child homosexuality agenda, their vax agenda, their agenda to make pagan idols out of black people, their agenda to drive us into a war to force gay sex onto Christian Russians and ultimately to bring about their Androgyne messiah. Still, for the end goal to be achieved, gentiles must suffer, their numbers dwindle and they must be heeled to )ewish authority. They already do. Just look at Christians. Worshiping a )ewish space daddy “who was born of a virgin” and “rose from the dead”. That shit makes me laugh so hard.

Lies, built upon lies and more lies!