Gather ’round folks! That’s it. You’re still living? Well, listen carefully, because I have some news for you that you may not like. It’s not over. It ain’t over! I’m sorry, it’s just not over.

I’m going to be doing, from now on, only ITYS (I told you so articles), because this shit is just too funny to pass up.

Germany is in on the “It ain’t over, yet” bit, too. Germany is all in on The Great Reset and will use the WHO for its future money laundering for the US as well as Germany!

Some of you are guilty of having said, in public, that the plandemic is over, but it’s okay you didn’t listen to me. You now just have to witness the co-ordinated restart of the plandemic and wish you had stocked up like I told you to.

To cover up and control the narrative of the impending economic collapse, it may be necessary for these lying, Communist pieces of shit, to lock down the planet once again. Do not put it past them.

Kim Jong Un just ordered a nationwide lockdown after North Korea reported “its first” Covid case.

Like I’ve said before: everything is on the table.