Americans can barely afford to buy basic necessities like food and energy, so the most logical thing for Congress to do is to hold a hearing on UFOs.

These people really have their priorities straight don’t they?

This is obviously more preparation for the space alien hoax I’ve said they’re going to come with. While I can’t say for certain if they’d actually go through with such a hoax, if they did, the aliens would promote the climate change hysteria and tell us that we need a global government run by )ews to solve this fake problem and other fake problems. The aliens will basically parrot every )ewish talking point imaginable.

I believe most of these UFO sightings we have heard about over the years were either total hoaxes or people seeing some type of secret military aircraft but now that everybody has a video camera in their pocket via their mobile phones, we should have seen many more UFOs filmed by ordinary people if this was truly some type of phenomenon. Especially over the past ten years or so. Instead, all we are getting are these shitty video clips from the government showing these alleged UFOs. You would think with the budget the Pentagon has, they’d at least be able to provide video footage that’s on par with what you can record on an iPhone.

It is all bullshit. Tiresome bullshit. What’s for certain is that things are going to get worse! Much worse!