I won’t go too long, neither will I provide spoilers, but I must start out with saying that it would be nice if gentiles could have their cinema back. )ews have been shitting down our eye sockets for a hundred years now and this movie does not disappoint in that regard.

Okay, okay. It’s actually not a bad movie, but it is highly thematic. There’s the Oedipal theme, there’s the Male Mother Need theme, there’s the Simping Mangina and Gynocentrism theme, the Disposable Male theme and the Usurpation of Male Vitality by Whores and their Whoresons theme.

Naturally, this film has every single young, foolish white male buzzing with the incessant outbursts of “based” at every mention of it.

The writer, who is an Icelandic poet, I suspect to be a Icelandic )ew (yes, the traders made it to Iceland in 1625).

He keeps company with the vilest of traders, such as Margaret Atwood.

While many will deem this movie to be quite masculine, while I would be inclined to agree, it is the primitive side of masculinity that is spoken of here, in this article. A matriarchal archetype of masculinity.

Just read that article, watch the movie and you’ll see what it is I mean. In the end, the movie shows you how male vitality is wasted for the sake of…vajeen.

I rate it a 6.5 out of 10.