I keep seeing reports about baby formula shortages and I asked a question that no one seemed to even be remotely concerned about. Unless your baby was adopted, or the woman has AIDS, why the fuck are so many women feeding their babies synthesized crap created in a laboratory? And for “working mothers” out there, there’s something called a breast pump.

Why is everyone concerned about such a demand for baby formula when there’s a natural solution?

Because it’s a psyop!!! Another, “The poor whores” psyop, pushed by )ews and their favorite useful retards—women—will pick it up and fall for it.

Yes, this is where all the formula went. Wartime rations. Women will let their children starve to support war efforts that have absolutely nothing to do with them. The )ewish media continues to control both sides of the narrative—push aid for Ukraine with formula, then push the “the poor whores can’t feed their babies” bullshit, too.

Still, why are these cunts feeding their children this shit? There are studies showing breast milk to be much healthier for a baby, and that baby formula can cause constipation and other complications. So, unless there’s no lactating parent or the mother is diseased, give your kid the real stuff, you stupid cunts.

Breastfeeding has been shown to raise IQ by 2-3 points, but, women are fucking stupid. They are not too far from eating some DDT and washing it down with a cup of Glyphosate.

I was thinking that many modern women have impaired lactation due to a lifetime of hormones, airborne poisons, pesticides etc.; the fact that women can even get pregnant and have healthy children is kind of amazing, but that’s not exactly the case. It’s women we’re talking about here. It’s as simple as, “b-b-but I need muh baby formula. It says on the can that it’s for babies. The (((experts))) said so! Also, I took my 5th booster shot!”

If you had enough money to spend on advertising, you could make “the next big thing” women would be obsessed with and it could literally be anything. For instance, you could have Kylie Jenner sell a bucket full of rhino shit and claim that it boosts stem cells in women which would make them look younger; women will buy it! They’d put their babies in a rocket, aimed at the sun, if they thought it made them morally superior.

Women have breasts for this reason and yes, some women, being the fucked up creatures they are (to be a woman is to be insane), do not bond with their newborns which results in them not lactating. The oxytocin secretions in these bitches’ brains do not occur, because they are psychologically overtaken by the innate need to be irresponsible whores. Literally, they changed their minds. This is essentially what post-partum is and why babies do not latch on. In working women, the inability to lactate would likely be psychosomatic and due to unnatural demands impeding on natural biorhythms. (Working women, or women in the workplace is totally unnatural to the human female biology. This goes for tertiary education and the demand it comes with. We cannot undo, nor reverse, thousands of years of human evolution in 50 years and not expect disastrous effects.).

The reason why all women want formula is because of marketing. They were convinced babies NEED formula and not breast milk. They wanted to rake in mother’s with breasts of all sizes instead of those with small breasts or flat. Here’s a spoiler, formula delays your child’s learning, because of its inablility to truly replicate breast milk, which is tailored for babies.

You dumb whores. Your minds have been )ew’d.

Breast fed is best fed.

Sure, sure. Some women do not produce enough milk for their babies and others cannot produce milk at all and I suspect it is due to the reasons mentioned above, yet, parents having baby formula should only be for a “just in case” scenario. This is not why women get it, though. They’ve simply been given the justification for getting it— “just in case”. The truth is, these cunts rely on it, because they are dumb, horrible pieces of shit that have been given a reason and justification to be irresponsible. Baby formula is no different to the birth control pill and abortion, in this regard.

All of this is part of an artificial shutdown of the western economy and could be a good thing—these cunts will be forced to actually mother and parent. This could result in women coming together, for the first time, to actually do something good—milk farms. This is the time for women to start donating their breastmilk. Put up ads on Craigslist where you can find another mother who is breast feeding and pay her. Maybe have her ship her milk to you or pay her to come over to your place or meet in a parking lot and let her feed your child? I’m sure there are poor mothers in your area who would be eager for the opportunity. This is what the fucking incubators ought to be doing. If things get really bad, they’ll have to resort to this, anyway.

For the retards, yes, Khazar Milkers. Farming bimbos could actually do the trick.