We, as free persons, may access goods and services we want and need, as we please. Were a particular good or service be in demand, are we not free to seek them out, provided they are available? Even if they are bad for us, are we not still free to indulge? This is the purpose of the free market, this is the definition of freedom, yet a government seeks to deny us this liberty. To deny us the ability to trade freely is by definition taking away our freedom. In addition, it defies the laws of supply and demand, which are fundamental to trade.

Those who seek to rule over us argue they are looking out for the greater good of society; that a free, unregulated market will cause more harm than good. These are scare tactics–slippery slope arguments–abuse of emergency ethics–used to deny us our liberty and independence. The disruption of supply and demand results in a black market, where those who demand the supply of banned goods and services operate in the shadows; away from the prying eyes of the government. Possessing these goods and partaking in these provided services become criminalized and loss of one’s liberties imminent.

Who are they to determine what is good and unfit for us? We demand freedom to decide what is good and unfit for us! Not the government!