The Consumer Price Index or CPI, which is a fake inflation number that does not include food and energy, is now over 8%.

The usual suspects are blaming Vladimir Putin, but in reality this problem was caused by unlimited money printing, the virus hoax lockdowns and all sorts of other insane policies implemented by the United States government. Tucker Carlson rightly pointed out some of this on one of his recent shows.

The real inflation rate right now is conservatively around 20%, but it is probably much higher than that. We see it everywhere. Most of us can do math. As one example, just look at the price of food. It seems like there’s a price increase every week or every couple of weeks.

This is literally the worst inflation of all-time. Definitely worse than the 1970s. It’s not even close. The people saying that it is the worst in 40 years are lying because they calculated inflation differently back then. So, comparing the current CPI number to the CPI number from 40 years ago is like comparing apples with oranges. They changed the way they calculated this number to deliberately hide how the currency was being devalued.