The Buffalo mass shooting is obviously getting all the )ewish media attention, because the shooter is WHITE, and he put out a manifesto talking about the replacement of WHITE people. It was a weird incident.

There were actually other mass shootings that took place this weekend, including this one at a California church.

It is being said that an Asian man did it.

I’m not sure if this means it was an actual Asian like a Vietnamese or Korean person or if they are just using the term to hide that it was a Moslem. This is a popular tactic by the )ew-controlled media in the United Kingdom.

Whatever the case, it is just a fact that mass shootings have become a regular part of American life. This is not because of guns. We’ve had guns in the country since its founding. These mass shootings are happening, because we have a fundamentally sick and deranged society. Anybody who tries to peacefully address the real societal problems we have is immediately ostracized and blacklisted.

There is no reason for me to believe that this is going to get better. All I can do is petition that all of us—black, white and green and every shade in between—take it easy and stop giving into the discord that the Communist tribe is attempting to sow among us. We can be divided and segregated without hating and harboring animosity for each other.

Just stop!