In the midst of the baby formula shortage, I decided to see what the Elven media was saying and came across these headlines on Google News. They are literally telling mothers they shouldn’t make their own baby formulas.

First off all, these women ought to be breastfeeding. So, this advice from the Elven media serves to plant and solidify in the minds of these dumb bitches that they need formula. If some women cannot lactate and are having problems breastfeeding, they can go out and purchase protein powder. Most of the the undeveloped world do not have store bought baby formula. How do they get by?

Do these cunts think that women in rural villages in India have access to Similac? Do these retarded bitches think there are Enfamil plants in the jungles of Cambodia? This isn’t to take away from the fact that the powers that be are engineering a famine and the chances of survival and the health conditions in these remote places aren’t comparable to that of a first world nation. No. Rather, I am attempting to convey how brainwashed and dependent the west is on its masters. There is no other explanation for these headlines. How did human civilization survive for centuries without baby formula from large corporations? Women would either feed their babies with their breast milk or they would create homemade formulas that were not from a large corporation.

These are the same people who pushed dangerous experimental injections over a fake pandemic. You’d be insane to take their health advice on anything. They hate you and want your offspring dead.

Protein shakes all around!