The ugly hag, Kathy Hochul, who for some insane reason runs New York’s state government, is demanding more social media censorship after the Buffalo shooting incident.

Censoring people’s ideas only increases the possibility of people lashing out in violence. The government knows this. All governments know this! This is so, because the people who you are censored feel alienated and frustrated that their issues cannot be addressed in a peaceful manner. So, to get their message across, some will resort to violence, because they are put in a position where they don’t feel as if they have any alternative.

What Hochul is proposing will only exacerbate the problem of mass shootings and violence. We need more open discussions, not censorship, especially considering how America has been turned into an open air insane asylum.

She also vowed to defeat “WHITE supremacy”.

How exactly do you defeat an ideology, you stupid bitch? I’d love to hear her master plan on this.

This is such a dumb statement. Especially since what we know as “racism” doesn’t even exist. It is a total hoax.

Sure, censorship will fix all of this. As if social media companies haven’t been doing everything they can to censor material unfavorable to this deranged Elven system already.