I don’t necessarily have to say it, but women are fucking dumb and this is a common theme on this blog site, due to the fact that women being fucking dumb is the main reason our societies are in shambles. That fact directly coincides with the JQ on every single level, as I’ve explained several times. Also, women being fucking dumb is often, if not always, overlooked and disregarded and this leads to much hysteria and instability in our society.

People—men and women—are going nuts about there being a “shortage” of baby formula in America.

What I’d like to know is, why aren’t these dumbass women breast feeding their children? Why are they relying on baby formula from large corporations in the midst of a major supply chain crisis?

Just look at this tweet from this self-absorbed bitch. She acts like it is too much to ask of women to use their breasts to feed their infants even though that’s the only real purpose of their breasts.

Or, hell, they could just make their own baby formula that doesn’t have all the weird corn syrup shit in it, but I guess that would be too difficult for these useless whores to do, too, right? Like I said in a recent article on this subject: baby formula, to women, is exactly like the birth control pill and abortion. It creates a justification for women to be the selfish, irresponsible cunts they are by nature.

Be that as it may, this baby formula shortage is just another expected outcome of all the insanity we’ve seen over the past few years. The supply chain is totally broken and is being further exacerbated by ridiculous government policies.

Meanwhile the Biden regime is providing baby formula to illegal aliens while there’s no baby formula on store shelves for Americans.

)ews are falsely claiming that Jesus would agree with this cynical policy, in order to gin up support for the insanity.

The FDA also shut down one of the few plants in America that produces baby formula over some sort of alleged safety concern.

Then you have Bill Gates behind some sort of artificial breast milk technology in the midst of this situation.

[Bill Gates happens to be a huge investor in vaccines and there’s a pandemic. Bill Gates is the largest owner of farmland in America and there’s a food crisis. Bill Gates heavily invests in lab grown baby milk and there’s a baby formula shortage.]

I wouldn’t expect the totally )ewish-run Biden regime to help solve this problem. They are at war with the American people. Their actions show that they are.