Where were you when you learned the horrific reality that seventy-four million different people frequently spend their free time shooting customers at supermarkets? Were there a shred of truth to this, we wouldn’t have a country. It would be a complete war zone.

Anyway. Allow me to welcome you back to the number one brand in honesty. What a weekend.

Today, I will cover some very significant current events surrounding the shooting that occurred this weekend in Buffalo, New York, giving my unique perspectives and insight based on my knowledge of history and the plans of those who are working against us goyim. I will delve into how these plans are being put into play and how they intend to destroy our societies and bring our lives to ruin.

Yesterday, in one of my quick draw articles, I posted the headlines to an article that was very faithful to the current events. It read, Russia Could Strike Back At The West By Calling On Its Network Of White Supremacist Groups To Commit Terror Attacks There, Analysts Warn.

I found this title to be extremely interesting and, like most of you, I did some digging of my own.

Most of you would have realized that none of what transpired in Buffalo, New York, was organic. It may have inclined you to conclude that, like Brenton Tarrant—the Christchurch shooter—the Buffalo shooter committed this atrocity to spark a divide; those journalists fell into his trap by running these headlines. However, Tarrant’s shooting was also a Psyop event to get Infinity Chan and 8Chan shut down right after they released the Epstein Island drone footage on these respective sites. We could see a stack of about 20 thin mattresses wrapped in plastic through the weird blue and white temple windows.

Within approximately 9 hours later, Tarrant uploaded the live stream of his murders of innocent Muslims, effectively taking all focus and attention away from Epstein Island. Once Tarrant’s stream aired, Cloudflare was pressured and removed their protections and footage of Epstein Island was DDoSed. Sites like 8 Kun sprung to life, but the Epstein video was lost forever.

Admittedly, I am assuming this recent shooting is to force the authorities to go after 4Chan before the mid-term elections, because the people on there are documenting the destruction of the supply chains, top food production plants and fertilizer plants. Now more than ever, many normal people are talking about this in public. It has become very obvious. In addition, the Buffalo shooting not only occurred on the afternoon after a major report about Russian terror cells in the US, but within the same month that Markup HR. 350 is to be passed in congress. For those of you unaware, HR 350 is the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021. Listen to excerpts of congress debating this act and listen out for how many times they mention “white supremacy” and “white nationalism”.

Yes. )ewish lobbyists are pushing for the passing of HR 350, which is the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act and are using the “umbrella of anti-Semitism” to do it. They literally mentioned this. Later, yesterday, we have a self-described “white supremacist” who hates )ews, as is mentioned in his alleged manifesto, going into an majority black neighborhood and murders blacks. This is definitely a cohen-cidence, if not a cohen-spiracy.

It is also being touted that the shooter, Gendron, is Ukrainian. I mentioned this in a previous article, too. If he isn’t, after looking at some damning developments, we may be able to conclude that the Azov battalion radicalized him, just like the New Zealand Mosque shooter.

Notice the use of the black sun logo. Repurposed and now popularized. To top it off, Biden and many western countries have now imported all these Azov terrorists under the guise of “refugees”. It looks like Biden is already making use of them to swing the midterms and who knows what other plans he and his communist handlers have.

Were any of you to peruse the Twitter threads, you would notice the liberal “fact checkers” are having a hard time with deciphering all of this. They are actually defending the Azov battalion despite claiming to hate Neo Nazis. As we on here already understand, the Azov Battalion was trained by Israeli Intelligence, JIDF and the CIA way back in 2014. The Azov battalion was also at Unite The Right march. They’re linked up with Patriot Front, formerly known as Vanguard, before their member James Field attacked a bunch of people at Charlottesville. Is it any wonder the Twatter-hats are confused? It should not surprise you if Azov were indeed the ones to have groomed Payton via the FBI and CIA, of course. They confirmed they groomed the Christchurch shooter in New Zealand; that Brenton Tarrant even visited and trained with them in Ukraine before returning home. Is it farfetched to think Azov handled Payton? In the fake manifesto, Payton refers to himself as an authoritarian leftist. Still, most people will not read it and simply take the MSM’s word on the matter. The Twitter threads are hilarious and without a doubt, Ukraine is not sending their best.

This has been the most obvious example of the tribe trying to incite violence on a wide scale level. I have not seen this much desperation and dedication in a while. They are clearly trying to pit various American racial groups against each other. The Rolling Stone article shared above is truly fanning the flames and seems to have a fervent dedication to sowing the seeds of division.

Oh how wonderful! I cannot say that I am surprised, but I am sure this is pure cohen-cidence.

I wonder what tribe she’s with.

This article and others like it are attempting to incite fear on an unimaginable level, where normal people will start thinking there is a shooter at every local grocery store. How exciting! Pandemonium. It is shocking that they have become this desperate, so quickly. I didn’t expect to see headlines like this until Trump’s second term, were he to have not been cheated.

Most of you may have thought that everyone crying “Psyop” and “Glow-op” were just talking nonsense, but look.

Another glowie-staged shooting that the media is going to milk dry. Another glowie-staged shooting that the Feds will use to advance more and more anti-constitution laws. Another glowie-staged shooting that will raise the “MUH GHOST GUNZ” talking points. Another glowie-staged shooting to demonize whites and keep the races divided along the lines of hatred and animosity for each other. Histrionic over-exaggeration has become the normal expressive technique of the left and has always been for communists. Every “mainstream Republican” is a now a white supremacist Nazi who beats women and shoots up supermarkets. Rather than being a mildly right of center fat Boomer dork, who wants his paycheck taxed less and maybe the border actually policed, and then he just sits around and watches TV like every other average American, he is now a “domestic terrorist”. All of this, as odd as it is, has occurred right when it was reported that the Russians would activate their sleepers and their phony Neo-Nazis in the west, to commit terror attacks to destabilize the west.

They all look vaccinated

This is part of a pattern known as Propaganda of the Deed. It is an old Marxist-anarchist principle that teaches that the best way to instigate a revolution is to commit acts of terrorism to protest the oppression of the state. The state then responds to these acts of terrorism by becoming more oppressive, for example, by limiting gun rights and attacking specific groups like whites by labeling “white supremacists” and “terrorists”, serves to make them persona non grata—enemies of the people and of the state. Further restrictions such as censorship—limiting their freedom of speech and expression both in public and online and restricting their right to assembly—triggers the targeted group to go out and commit more acts of terrorism to instigate a vicious cycle in which oppression becomes a pretext for criminal acts of terrorism and murder of innocents. These shocking events then provide a pretext for the government to impose more and more oppressive measures with the support of corporations and very wealthy people and the cycle keeps on repeating. That is, until society crumbles.

We are almost there.