The terrorists’ manifesto, be it a fake and an exact replica of Tarrant’s, complains about the The Great Replacement, which is a very real and coordinated effort. Yet, this is only so, because in reality, white men are failing.

Here is an excerpt from a conversation I had last night:

“White men are failing at education. Yes, White men are the only people I’ve ever known to be on academic probation. Of my closest friends in elementary/high school, I (an Indian kid) and one other kid were the only ones to have went on to higher education.”

This is very true, but here is the Red pill that is often overlooked by white men: white men are being replaced first, by white women! They are quick to blame race based affirmative action, but in actuality, it is gender based affirmative action that has proven to be the most devastating!

He goes on:

“None of my white friends own houses.
Very few of my white friends have kids.
The most indebted people I know are ALL white.”

Once again, this hearkens back to white women. White men are the only men who sit back and allow white women to take the reigns and subsequently destroy the societies which they built. Most Asian countries, certainly Arabs and )ews, will never allow such a thing. For the most part, they all keep their women in line and if not, they are not as preoccupied with them as white men are with white women. They are not as gynocentric. I am sure, as with most things, exceptions can be found and pointed out, but generally speaking, these men do not pride themselves on being violent, feminized, mangina simps like white men do. A second runner up would be African and Indian men. To put things in perspective, a study shows that the Muslim population grew by 4.4% while that of Hindus declined by 4.3% since Feminism took a hold of India. Arguably, India is extremely gynocentric and the culture is quite matriarchal, contrary to common belief. African men are super pussy-beggars and may rival white men when it comes to the Super-mangina title. Nevertheless, it is white women who affect social change on a very large scale.

“Whites are more likely to be on psycho meds. My ex needed sleeping pills just to go to bed and would often mix them with alcohol and not remember shit.”

This one is self explanatory.

All the single mothers I see at my job are white and sometimes Asian, but mostly white, because, as they say, their white husbands left them or could not be bothered to take care of the child.

This, I know for a fact is, for the most part, untrue. Women will lie to make themselves the victim, always. It is more than likely the case that she is a stupid cunt who made very poor decisions and refuses to play her role.

White people are failing. There’s no way around it and we all need to realize who is to truly blamefor this—ourselves and white women!

Imagine a white country that has a high fertility rate. This would only occur if white women were in their place. There would be no need for immigration. Instead, that country would be sending out white men to take control of other lands.

Bad times make strong men. Strong men make good times. Good times make weak men. And so on and so on the cycle goes. When there are good times—when there are no extant, existential threats—women then come out and they destroy everything, thus creating bad times.

White men. Get your shit together. It is time for you to put these white cunts back where they belong. They need to be taken out of public life. Stop complaining and start shaming these cunts for the stupid whores that they are.

Keep pointing fingers while we get replaced by women and immigrants. Keep brushing off legitimate criticisms and refusing to self reflect. Remember, the )ew could only be successful as much as you allow him to be. He wouldn’t be successful if he didn’t know how to play on your gynocentric retardation—your inability to be objective about the white woman—the destroyer of civilization.

In the end, complaining isn’t going to get us far, but only make us sound like blacks who blame others for their problems.