I’ve been saying that the virus lockdowns in China were most likely done to intentionally disrupt the supply chains as an unofficial embargo placed on the West. Regardless of this being the original intention or not, the lockdowns have undoubtedly created major problems for global supply chains. It is going to cause all sorts of economic problems in the West.

This isn’t me saying it either. It’s being reported by all sorts of corporate media operations.

It probably wasn’t a great idea to let China become the manufacturing center of the universe, but nobody listened to people like Ross Perot, Pat Buchannan and Ron Paul when there was at least a chance to correct this imbalance. Now, we are at the mercy of China, because we barely make anything of tangible substance in this country. Unless it you consider baby formula as substantial.

If you aren’t preparing yourself for widespread shortages of any number of things, you are very foolish.