Jordan Peterson took to Twitter a few days back to make an accurate statement about a disgusting fat woman who was put on the cover of the 2022 swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

The statement was correct. You could find a random 20-something barista working at almost any Starbucks around the country who is more attractive than this ugly cow.

As you would expect, Peterson was attacked for saying that this woman was not at all attractive. Instead of laughing at the ridiculous attacks, he went nuts and announced that he was quitting the site. A great move and decision, for anyone sane.

He has told his staff to change his password so he can’t access his own account.

Peterson is a weak man. It’s no wonder why he developed an addiction to pills and has had all sorts of other life problems. I still can’t understand why this man has any sort of following or popularity, but to be fair at least he knows he is weak and is taking the necessary measures to not let his weaknesses destroy his life.

Getting off or Twitter and any other form of social media is an excellent idea. It is equivalent to stopping self abuse and self induced poisoning.