I’m taking a departure from the brewing monkeypox hysteria to bring to you guys something that truly grinds my shit—inefficiency and incompetence.

In my personal life, I discuss this issue quite often. Negresses are the worst! Generally speaking, blacks do not provide competent customer service. There are exceptions and boy are they refreshing, but the general stock are horrendous.

The thought of them usually throws me into a fit of rage, but seeing as how this literally vindicates me, I’m halfway in between chuckling and grinding my teeth. The average American is an entitled, incompetent, self centered narcissist compared to the WW2 generation. Weak men make hard times, sheboons are in a separate category, though. She ain’t feelin’ dat sheeeit!

Something tells me this has NOTHING to do with the training and EVERYTHING to do with the selection. People simply refuse to face up to the kind of damage having affirmative action will do to our civil services.

In the end, she’ll sue the city and get a nice, big, juicy payment for firing her.

For a greater perspective, listen to this: