The last monkeypox outbreak was in 2003 in the U.S and has been the first and only outbreak of monkeypox outside of Africa, until now.

Today, cases are popping up all around the world at the same time.

9 confirmed cases in the UK
5 confirmed cases in Portugal
13 possible cases in Canada.
1 case in the US from Massachusetts man who recently traveled to Canada.
13 new suspected cases in Spain.
Lab monkey crash back in January in Pennsylvania is the possible source of outbreak.
Only one state away from Massachusists where the first U.S case popped up.

A pandemic scare right before midterms. I wouldn’t have expected this. These clever Communists pulled another one on us. Wouldn’t it be a coincidence if they already have a vaccine for it, too?

Now, would you look at that. Just look at that. Look at how advanced and incredible our “leaders” are. We can all sleep well at night knowing that they have it all under control.

You see, they’ve thought about all of this ahead of time, so we wouldn’t have to worry so much about any impending viral dangers. They care so much about us, so, you can rest your sweet little heads. Don’t worry about anything. Big brains have it under control

Do you think these vaccines are safe? I don’t. How are we to trust that they won’t piggyback some COVID vax into us for monkeypox the first chance they get?

The real question is, who’s going to catch it and face more severe symptoms? The vaxxed or us Pure Bloods? Unless it’s another one that basically only kills the elderly and people with a bunch of comorbidities, like the seasonal flu. I know vaxxed people who’ve been sick almost non-stop, for like 6 months. It’s like they can’t clear a virus out anymore.

This one is going to be interesting to keep an eye on. If they try to force monkeypox vax mandates, it’ll be borderline hilarious, but very interesting. There’s already lots of skepticism around the vaxxes, even from double-vaxxed idiots that I know who have had enough. They are just done with this shit, or had major side effects and don’t trust the narrative anymore. The name “monkeypox” sounds silly and not serious enough to get vaxxed for. I bet there’ll be a lot more resistance to getting vaxxed for this one.

Yet, the COVID vax zealots will be begging for another dose of the Science juice and further division between the “morally superior” vaxxed people and the “evil” plague rats will continue.

This one is even closer to smallpox where they can claim, “we eradicated small pox with mandated vaccines, so we should mandate these ones right away!”

For the most part, I’m hoping it’ll be a nothingburger, but the fact that the media is hyping this up, means they are going to try to make it into another plandemic. Why is it spreading so quickly? Well, it could just simply be that we’re seeing all the simultaneous headlines about the sky falling, all at once.