Most! Most people—men and women—especially men—will try to convince you that women are intelligent. They do this, because they think it will get them laid (it’s a mating strategy). Men believe if they tell this lie just to “be nice”, it would help make them more appealing to the front holes. Women do this simply because they’re dumb and are not in touch with reality.

Again, everything for women is sex, because sex is all they are actually good for. Especially if they possess no redeeming qualities. This is why they love putting themselves on display and are always seeking attention in the most bizarre fashions, too—flashing their privates and engaging in public lewd acts.

They feel “powerful” and the Gynotopia reinforces this retardation by telling them they are.

To be clear, that slag there is )ewish, but this is exactly how women are in general. These cunts in the pictures have merely taken the slamming cupboard doors and breaking dishes energy into the public arena. Do not be fooled. The behavior and energy are identical; all one and the same.

It is very difficult for men to conceptualize how women are indeed the causes of all of this insanity, because they truly believe women are infantile creatures with no agency and can therefore do no wrong and harm to society. More importantly, men have carried the human species throughout its entire existence and pointing out this subtle, yet brazened red pill is almost impossible for them to comprehend. After all, men have literally built and constructed everything, so they must be responsible for the bad things, too.

As you can see in the above video, how the “niceness doctrine” completely overrides all logic and reason, all for the sake of being nice. When this occurs all manners of perversions, decadence, licentiousness and lasciviousness are allowed to flourish and normalize. Men too, employ the “niceness doctrine” as mentioned earlier, for are they to be direct and sincere, they would be scorned, ridiculed and reprimanded. Were men to be asked the same questions as those slags in the video were, and their responses were to the tune of disagreement, they would be seen as intolerant and bigoted. Feminine values destroy societies.

I did not create this

If you have a problem with gays and transsexuals and whatever they have weaved into the public realm in the past 20 years, you have women to blame for that. If infirmed and retarded children bothers you, because they put an unnecessary burden on society, then you have Female values to thank for it. If you think an acute and speedy, dysgengic and dumbing down of civilization is occurring, then welcome to the Gynotopia. You don’t like being displaced in the workplace by women, or how about fags in the military; maybe mass immigration, the covid plandemic lockdowns and mask mandates, or perhaps you’re concerned about not having meat in your diet (veganism, vegetarianism), how about having to eat ze bugz? Are you worried about your daughter having to share a bathroom with a fag in school? Perhaps, your kindergartener’s “Tranny-Story Time” at daycare grinds your shit. How about your sons being groomed to think they are inherent rapists and not bring allowed to be boys? Ah, yes. How can i forget. You despise the weak, effeminate, faggy men you see everywhere you turn. Well, you have these cunts to blame for that. Women are dysgengic and create weak men when left up to their own devices and capacities.

To all of the above mentioned, the dull mind, will respond with )ews being to blame and like I’ve always said, )ews have studied the human condition and their tactics would never work were it not for this knowledge. The snake knows how Eve and Adam functions. It relies on Eve’s retardation and Adam’s simpery. Like a cold-calling sales representative who relies on the wife to make the sale. If she can sell it to her husband who is eager to please her, then it is a done deal.

These same people will say that men need to be firmer with women; that men are no longer strong. Yes, women create weak men.