It was obvious that all of the insanity we have seen take place during the past two years was going to result in terrible problems. One of them being mass starvation in the third world. The Russia-Ukraine war has only sped up this problem. The West has literally enacted a policy of supporting gay dildo parades in Ukraine over the lives of millions of poor black and brown people. This is not an exaggeration either. That’s the actual policy. They agitated for this war in Ukraine and are doing everything they can to prolong the conflict. As a result, wheat is not being exported to places it would normally be exported to. Like Africa for example.

The Economist and other mainstream organizations are fully admitting that millions of black and brown people are going to starve, but they’re claiming that WHITE people need to donate money to help save them. They are making no effort to blame the policies that contributed to this mess, nor are they doing anything to try and change them.

People in the West are going to have a hard enough time affording food as this crisis unfolds, so all of these brown and black people are on their own. Millions of brown and black people are going to starve in the name of legalized homosexual poop sex in Ukraine.

Who knows? Maybe Sally Struthers will step up to the plate. Is that fat bitch even still alive? I don’t even know to be honest.