How can we keep our guns AND stop little children from being murdered for no reason? It’s very easy, actually, but do require a huge collective effort.

The truth is, any self respecting parent would not send their kids to a public school. In addition, we do not need gun control. We need retard control.

America/Western Civilization is under attack and the )ews are working over time to collapse its economy and create mass hysteria. Gun seizures need to occur in order for the Communists that run the country to take full domination and control.

So, White men are the targets. Even if the shooter isn’t white. “He’s white enough.”

We also live in a “society” that shits on men and laughs at their sufferings.

This is just a symptom of the decline. The types of events will become more and more common. Background checks, mental health tests, raising the minimum age to 21, and a waiting period of 6 months.

So far, it seems like a young woman is involved. To what capacity, it is uncertain, but, too ta loo ra too ra loo ra yay!!!

We’ll see where this one goes.