This week, after the Texas shooting, a lot of people got on my ass, heckling me for suggesting that the Buffalo shooting was a FED operated psyop. These retards are now eating their words.

It has been found that the Buffalo grocery store shooter was hanging out in a chat room with a former FBI agent prior to him doing the mass shooting.

I have said many, many times before that these events are never by happenstance, nor are they random. However, I will be a bit humble this time around and say, nearly every time there is some type of highly publicized mass shooting event, there is all sorts of strange things surrounding it. This one is no exception. Neither is the Texas shooting.

When this shooting occurred, I suspected that it might be some type of operation. The manifesto that was said to be written by the shooter bizarrely mentioned the DS with its now defunct domain while simultaneously describing how he was double vaxxed. This was done even though the DS has been one of the most anti-vaxx websites on the Internet. It defies comprehension why a double-vaxxed person would mention that they were reading an anti-vaxx site to explain their political positions. The manifesto seemed to be written in a way to target specific websites like the DS for further blacklisting.

Plus, it didn’t make a whole lot of sense why the shooter would target a random grocery store with black people when his main complaint was about mass immigration. Also, the first person he shot in the recorded stream of the shooting appeared to be a WHITE person.

Now we are hearing about how he may have been talking to a former FBI agent on the Internet. Go figure right?

It’s pretty clear that whoever he was talking to in that chat room prior to him shooting up the grocery store was encouraging him to do what he did. The feds setup all of these chatroom honeypots on the Internet, because they believe it is to their benefit to encourage mass shootings and terrorism.

The FBI has been involved with doing these types of weird things for decades. As a result of this fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the FBI was probably responsible for encouraging this person to do the mass shooting.