The lies from these )ews are just unbelievable.

Look at this tweet from the )ew, Anne Applebaum.

Now I’m no fan of governements, nor am I into Cults of Personalities, but, Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine in 2014. The people of Crimea voted to rejoin Russia after the )ews funded a color revolution in Ukraine to overthrow the democratically elected pro-Russian leader. The Russians already had a military base in Crimea but the )ewish media lied and claimed it was an invasion when Putin declared that Crimea was part of Russia following the vote.

Gas and food prices were fairly stable between 2016-2020 so the skyrocketing prices we have now have nothing to do with what happened in 2014.

The high prices are from the gazillions of dollars that were printed out of thin air, the lockdowns from the virus hoax and a myriad of insane policies by the )ewish government in Washington DC. They have nothing to do with Vladimir Putin or Russia. Putin reacted after the illegitimate )ewish government in Ukraine was killing Russians in the eastern part of the country for many years after they voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia following the coup. So far, this is the official narrative.

The lies from these )ews are tiring, but this one is particularly absurd and ridiculous. At least most Americans aren’t buying the stupid narrative about blaming Putin for high gas and food prices. It’s just incredible that this )ew thinks it is smart to go further with this failed narrative.