Canadians truly are a bunch of faggots, but I did predict this was going to happen.

First it was the mandate, then they extended the travel ban for the unvaxxed, and now they are disarming the Canadian population. Is Canada okay? Do we need to send humanitarian workers to Ottawa?

To be fair, gun culture isn’t a thing in Canada. They have far less crime than we do. Most Canadians are pretty anti-gun. This should shock no one. Yet, America’s population is also 10x that of Canada and Canada has a lot less minorities, which are where the majority of gun crimes in America originate. Then when you get into climate, like how warmer climates have more crime than colder, there really isn’t a comparison at all.

Mind you, Canada did not have a mass shooting recently. They are just banning guns, because all leafs are a bunch of feminized little faggots, like their prime minister.

I wonder if Canadians know this is just a Castro style disarmament to make it easier to round up political dissidents in the future. 70-80% of the population of Canada are NPCs who will vote for WEF candidates and more starvation for them and their children, because they are emasculated she-men who will take the Feminine approach. Watch! The people will do the same gay, Feminine protests that they did in Ottawa, in a few days. This is the unfortunate reality of living in a gynocentric, Matriarchal, globohomo feminized nation state.

So, a mass shooting happens in the US and Canadians get slapped with a gun ban. This almost makes me want to laugh, but, I think we’re next. They are going to try. It is happening right now. You can guarantee this will come up before the midterms. Will the Communists in America be as successful as those in Canada? I highly doubt it, but they will stop at nothing. They will try and try and try and many lives will be lost, because of their efforts.

In America, they cannot remove firearms from the civilian population. There are more guns in the hands of civilians than there are civilians. If those faggot cops in Uvalde were scared of one little autistic troon with a rifle, there is a 0% chance of the state effectively removing firearms from civilians. Even if they got a bill passed, it would be smacked down faster than you could even imagine, by SCOTUS, because of the probable fallout that will ensue. This, of course, unless they want all out chaos.

The black market for firearms in Canada just skyrocketed. Way to go Justin, you stupid faggot.