Who trusted )ews? Not me. Boomers trusted )ews. I believe NOTHING they say.

I’m sitting here, writing this and I can’t help think that majority of people aren’t aware of what’s taking place with this inflation business and how terrible things are slated to get. I shudder to imagine how many people are not prepared.

All the talk about it being “time to take back control of our money and burn the Satanic monetary debt slave system down, so we can build a new one that works for the people”, is meaningless. It is too late! This may sound black pilled, but this is the reality. However, rest assured that this isn’t the first time something like this has been done. )ews have been doing this so many times since time immemorial.

Most people out there believe there used to be a time when people who screwed up this badly, would have a dagger or a pistol left in their desks with the expectation of removing themselves from civil society. These people watch too many movies. Their minds have been )ew’d. This has NEVER been the case.

History gets repeated by the same actors, over and over again, every single time. The suffering will continue and the pattern recognition will improve and what is long due to be completed, will never materialize.

Things are going to get really bad this summer and the rest of 2022. It’s still not too late to stock up.