Welcome to equality, you stupid cunts. You, as a woman, are now LIABLE FOR YOUR LIES AND CRIMES.

Many people, especially women who love nothing better than an opportunity to pile and shit on another woman who is above their status and has access to a man they all crave, loved this verdict. They will continue to drag Amber Heard in the mud, because this is just what women do.

For us men of the manosphere, we must look at this verdict in a more rational and realistic light. While this is indeed a victory for men, it is a small and sad one, because the war still wages on and the verdict is a terrible reminder of how sick and vile women truly are. It is a very sad day, because we men do not take any delight in the way things are between the sexes. We do not want to be at war with women, but we must not put up our arsenal just yet. We must not let our guards down, because this war is perennial and inveterate to our existence as a species. Women will continue to seek to expel us, because the state has replaced us. This verdict sets the precedent of things to come, but we must not lose sight of the fact that the things to come is just a repairing and maintenance upgrade of the watershed moment mining operation facilities that is human civilization.

As I explained here in this article, the gynotopia is unsustainable and is caving in on itself, and needs to regain the trust of men. This is due to the fact that everything I say about women is an inescapable fact of life—women are dumb and are nothing without men—they know this, despite the fact they always seek to expel men after using them.

The powers that be are truly concerned about men not participating in society and the eventuation of a collapse, so a cunt—Amber Heard—is having “justice” meted out to her.

Here is a great opportunity for the gynotopia to throw one of its own under the bus, simply to get the men who have noticed its sinister machinations, to believe there is hope in a system that is against them.

Do not be fooled by any of this!

The war continues and the harpies will regroup and strengthen their cunt base.

The cunts are trying to switch up the narrative and safeguard. This is a standard cunt move—a cunt larp— “now that it’s the popular opinion, it’s now my opinion”.

Now is the time for us men to go for blood!

400 push-ups for Johnny Depp. Fuck it! I dedicate chest day to him. Let’s celebrate!

In the end, Amber Heard can easily open up an OnlyFans account and make thrice as much money. That’s the reality of human life and the male-female sexual dynamics.