Holy Shit! Gas prices are burning a hole in people’s wallets.

I went to the pump tonight to fill up the tank and it cost me roughly $75 to fill it up. Are normies even bothered by high prices at the pump, grocery stores, and restaurants or do they just choose to ignore it and think it’s normal?

The general consensus seems to be, “it’s only going to get worse” which is absolutely true. Many people are busy making sure their gardens are planted and are buying deep freezers to store meats and other freezable foods.

I’ve been up and down the east coast recently and in shit lib parts of the country, people have been putting up the Biden “I did that” stickers, but they keep getting ripped down. I’ve not seen one intact yet.

Of course everyone notices the price increases at the pump and this increase will lead to more general inflation of prices for other items. It isn’t just gas, but groceries, too. Groceries have gone up by 10% – 20%, this week. That being said, if the increase in cost of gas is enough for a person to have a financial crisis, then they were already doing poorly. It sucks that more money is devoted to gas, but it is what it is, until it isn’t.

This is our reward for serving )ews and killing millions of innocent Iraqis, Syrians, Lybians etc. We will live to see our children suffer, then we will die.