I’ll keep this short and sweet and as a gentle reminder to all.

Women and Feminine values are behind the push for gun bans. Women and Feminine values dictate that it is only the police and the government who ought to have guns, but you and I and the average person out there, shouldn’t. They may even be audacious and claim only women should have guns, along with the police and government officials, because they are less violent than men.

This is why children needed to die in the recent shootings! It only stirs up the emotions of women and feminized men and legitimizes the specious arguments that originate from the Feminine value system.

Yes, yes, )ews are certainly there, behind the scenes as they usually are, but as I always say, they are relying on The Feminine to get all of this done.

Remember, civilization is simply men achieving a superlative (optimal) standard of living where the threat of death is relatively lower and the chances of survival are relatively higher than they once were in our past. This is how and why women are able to roam freely and participate in public life where they do not belong, because it is safe! All of this leads to them displacing and expelling the very men who built civilization and who women depend on for sustenance. They then always cede responsibility and risk to a so-called higher power.

A gun ban is just another example of women waiting at the finish line for the baton to be handed over to them, so they can claim triumph and credit. Now that relative safety has been achieved through war, conquest and the spilling of male blood, women believe guns are no longer needed. Like everything else women are involved with, they put absolutely no critical thought into it and are just parroting whatever is popular. Women now not only demonize male vitality and ingenuity, but they do so when it is no longer functional for them. The government and police have now replaced the actual men in their lives and they are only okay with guns when the police use it—as long as it serves their interests. When police, too, are no longer of use, or at least, are used against them, women will discard them and distance themselves. This is always the case when the propensity for male violence can be used against them.

As I’ve said before, when it comes to women, nothing has to make sense and nothing ever does.