Welcome back to the Number One Brand In Honesty. I told you readers that the year 2022 was going to be full of “terror attacks” and false flag events. Of course, you don’t need to run an algorithm to determine that school shootings are highest during election years. All that is needed is an understanding that the USA has fallen and has been taken over by Communists. That’s it. That’s all folks. It is currently the second deadlest time of the year for us Americans—midterm election year. General election year, 2024, is going to make 9/11 look like a Chucky E Cheese’s party.

Place your bets. Is it a black shooter, a white shooter, or a hispanic shooter? Maybe it’s an Asian shooter. The feminist cunts will say, “it’s definitely a male shooter. That’s for sure!” and they’ll be right, but there is something to that that these cunts will never comprehend, because they are retarded.

For the rational-minded individual, if all these shootings keep happening in rapid succession, this would be a good demonstration that the government isn’t capable of protecting people and gun rights should be expanded to more to better protect themselves. Nope! You’re dealing with feminized retards who are infused with Feminine values and a Feminine mindset.

Naturally, this is only being reported to put more pressure on poll-tards to shoehorn illegal gun control laws. Chiraq has more deaths than a whole offensive war, yet no one cares, but the midterms are at hand, so everyone pretends to care for some reason. By definition, a “mass shooting” is when more than one person is killed by gunfire. By this logic, there are mass shootings every fucking day all over the country. They’re just not reported on, because a grand majority of them are nigger gang disputes and as you know, in this country niggers are sacred.

The article says there were multiple people shooting at each other. Having enough experience, I can go out on a limb and say it was blacks. If it had been the mob or biker gangs, they would’ve led with that. Since they’re being quiet about who did the shooting, that means it was blacks. It’s just the way the )ewish media reports these kinds of things. Still, I’m not sure about the race of the shooters involved and I’m just spit-balling.

This is like the 6th or 7th shooting in the past two weeks. There is absolutely no way any of this is organic.