The )ewish media is making this about left vs right, Democrats vs. Republicans, Biden vs. Trump and Ukraine vs. Russia. Plain and simple, this is an orchestrated attack on the western Economies by )ews! Israel is behind all of this and their front is the WEF and The Great Reset. The WEF is relying on many of its cohorts, such as Joe Biden, Donald Trump and many other government officials around the world, to bring The Great Reset agenda to fruition.

“If Biden was elected by a foreign power, they did a good job.”

They’re doing it on purpose for “muh climate change”.

Gasoline price increases occurred after Biden’s first month in office. He’s shut down many pipelines and also cancelled many leases; they say “reestablishing those leases/pipelines wouldn’t affect prices until a year or so”, but the price increases threaten to last at least, that long. By not maximizing domestic production, they’re restricting supply and the rates of price increases sky rocketed after he banned Russian imports.

Remember, Biden and his son, Hunter, both have extremely profitable business dealings—oil dealings—in Ukraine, so it isn’t any coincidence that he is funneling US taxpayer monies off to Ukraine. This is no different to the Bush family and what they did after 9/11 with regards to their financial interests in Iraq and Afghanistan. The only difference with Biden is, he is executing a War on Energy, according to the greater Communist agenda spoken of here. There are many milestones in achieving this goal, such as forcing Americans to use electric vehicles. In addition, us being preoccupied with feeding ourselves and the impending energy crisis makes it very easy for them to take our guns away. Throw in mass shootings and Propaganda of the Deed maneuvers, one will be hard pressed to boot recognize that we are literally under attack by Communists who have taken over our country.

These high gas prices are part of deliberate policy out of Washington DC. They are currently in the process of using the high gas prices they caused to push legislation that would prevent “price gouging.” But the legislation isn’t meant to help anybody, it is meant to create shortages.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. As terrible as it would be to pay $10 or even $20 for a gallon of gas, I’d rather have that versus not having any gas. Fuel is the lifeblood of the economy. Without it, everything will grind to a halt, but that’s clearly what the criminals in Washington DC want.

Communism is Feminine. Communism is )ewish!