I have been getting a lot of emails and text messages from various people asking me if I work for the CIA, or have some kind of contact with glowies. NO! NO, NO NO NO NO!

Even though I have accurately predicted many of the false flags and recent psyops, I am only able to do so, because I understand how the female mind works—I understand the machinations of Socialism and Communism—its incessant need to set up a Matriarchy. It will stop at nothing!

As predicted, the Biden regime has declared an electricity emergency to justify mass importing solar panels from Asia.

Importing solar panels from Asia is not a real solution to America’s energy problems. They seem to have just declared this emergency to strike all sorts of corrupt deals with solar panel manufacturers and other so-called “green energy” companies. Plus, these people do not care if we have electricity or not. These are people who basically hate you and I and want us dead and will use force and lies to spread their delusions. So, they obviously don’t care if our energy needs are met.

At the very least they could have had the solar panels manufactured in America, but since they want us to conform or die, they definitely don’t care about creating any jobs for Americans.