It used to be that decent, normal, common folk with an idea for business would seek out problems and devise solutions to those problems. Then along came the )ew, who did the exact opposite—create solutions to problems that did not exist, then manufacture problems to create demand for the solutions.

Israel isn’t called “the start up capital of the world”, because it is the hub of most startup companies. It is so called, because it starts problems and conflicts to which it then offers solutions to.

Here’s the article. Read it!

Yandex employs 450 people in Israel and according to recent publications in Russian and Israeli media, it is planning to relocate its headquarters to Israel and split the company into a Russian and an international division.

Israel has created the war scenario between Russia and Ukraine and are behind the sanctions and supply shortages that are affecting millions, in order to offer their solutions via their startups.

(Read it and think carefully about the things you say on the internet, because these faggots dominate the internet. They track it, surveil it and crawl all over it like the fucking roaches they are).

I am once again, proven right. The Specular Effect remains the number one brand in honesty. The UN currently largely blames Israel for the conflict with Palestinians in a just-released 18-page report.

Commissioner Chris Sidoti says “Israel clearly has no intention of ending the occupation.”

Israel 2.0