Read me again, here, where I predicted that this year was going to be riddled with psyop after psyop, false flag after false flag. Well, the gun grab psyops are going pretty hard!

If you’re new to how all of this works, all you know need to know is that the media can report any “happening” to spur the powers that be into action with the support of the general populace. Through manufactured consent they will get us to disarm ourselves and women, as always, will be at the forefront of this push.

Did a man truly do this? Probably. Probably not. It does not matter. All that matters is the established narrative to push SCOTUS to ban guns. This is another psyop. These Communists ()ews) will not stop until they unarm us.

Let us see if the Supreme Court has the stones to stand up for the US constitution. I highly doubt it, but if you are WHITE and you are not prepared, you better get ready. They are coming for us! )ews are coming for us and are going to wipe us out, once and for all. This is not a drill.

They have already poisoned the less intelligent among us and they are dying off.

The media won’t cover this, but they’ll cover other false flags. The agenda has shifted, slightly.