Yes, an unelected woman taking away your rights? Are you surprised?

New York does not have a gun problem. It, like most of the country where shootings occur, has a nigger problem, coupled with a Communist takeover.

In addition, school shootings are not as common as the )ewish media portrays them to be. Moreover, the )ewish lamestream media’s main focus is to demonize and disarm Whites, but the reality is, while Whites own most guns, where Whites live “gun violence” is extremely low, or nonexistent. Again the issue is not guns, but niggers. As for these school shootings, most, if not all of them, as I have explained and demonstrated in other articles, are Fed wound up psyops to perpetuate a cycle of Propaganda of the Deed.

No one wants to discuss these facts and realities and I hazard to think it is because they are not aware. What occurs with these laws are a black market and grey market effect. What loopholes? This is merely phase one of gun seizures. Not only is a ban or the strengthening of restrictions not going to work, but they will force people to seek out guns through different channels—ways and means that have already been, or will be deemed as illegal—thereby creating a new criminal class. It will not keep guns out of the hands of people that the government and their retarded followers deem unfit to carry. Are people this daft in our society that they cannot comprehend simple economic principles? Just turn on your local political AM radio station and you will be alarmed at how retarded people truly are, out there.

What is going on is nigger crime is running rampant without any consequences, because it is sanctioned by )ews, women and their faggot supporters—all Communists alike—in order to maintain and even hasten the momentum of the pot being stirred. This keeps us all distracted and divided, deliberating on inconsequential bullshit while everything around us collapses. In the end, Whites will be blamed, for we are on the chopping block. Every last one of us. The )ews are not fucking around and they will continue to silence and marginalize us and encroach on our liberties and use their nigger-minions (both literal niggers and women) against us.