As I’ve warned you good folks, these things will become a daily occurrence, until our guns are ripped away from us. The )ews are no longer fucking around

The )ews want to genocide the Whites in America, just like every other Socialist who have come before. Disarming your ideological opponents before herding them into “protection camps” and letting them die there is of utmost importance. It really is disgusting.

Homeland Security is now calling out 4Chan in the latest Homeland Security summary, by Mayorkas, the )ew. Things are heating up, folks, in a very concerning way.

In summary, they claim: White supremacy proves to still be the #1 biggest threat to civilization. All mass shootings target minorities. Imageboards are to blame.

As for the shooting, well, 3 people have been reported to have died.

In the meantime, Congress is getting ready to remove Trump as a figurehead and symbolic representation of the White zeitgeist. The Communists are here! The )ews have fully taken over!